Multiple Nipple Piercings


I received a message from a woman who was considering the possibility of having multiple nipple piercings:

So I got both my nipples pierced quite a while back. Because of my profession I can't get any visible piercings and I'm not quite ready yet to go into genital ones. So that's why I was thinking of getting my nipples pierced again

What are some of the perks and risks of getting additional nipple piercings? My piercings are also not horizontal, but diagonal. I let my piercer do this on purpose, for aesthetic reasons. Is it possible to put the second pair straight on there, so it makes a diagonal cross?

My reply:

Hi there,

To some extent your anatomy will determine appropriate (or possible) locations for added jewelry. If the second piercing would end up too close to the surface, or too far into the areola, those are potential issues. Also there's another consideration, depending on how much space you have, and therefore how much tissue is in between the jewelry: it can pinch on the interior. And, if the jewelry is quite close together, it is not uncommon that due to pressure, the skin in between thins and dissipates, and the jewelry rests metal to metal inside. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you experience discomfort from interior pinching. 

The drawing from my book, The Piercing Bible, shows the appearance of a double nipple piercing in an "iron cross" formation.

Note the appearance of the tissue at the entry and exit of the deeper piercing, which was place a bit into the areola; this is normal.
Piercing Bible Illustration of Iron Cross nipple piercing.
Here's a brief excerpt form my book:

Multiple Nipple Piercings

A nipple can be pierced only once in a session; however, after healing, depending on its configuration and dimensions, it may be pierceable a second time. Few nipples are substantial enough to accommodate more than two piercings. Typical arrangements include two horizontal piercings (ordinarily moving closer toward the body for subsequent piercing), a cross shape (usually with a horizontal piercing in front and a vertical behind it), or an X shape formed by two diagonal piercings. Exceptional skill is required to accurately place additional holes in an already-pierced nipple.