Beautiful Triangle and Fourchette (Female Genital) Piercings by Tiffany Diamond (With Photo)

I got this great feedback from a woman who saw my website and made use of one of my piercer referrals:

Elayne! I LOVE this website! After months & months of reading about different genital piercings, no other place has given me such detailed information. From what I have been reading, you know EVERYTHING about genital piercings & I wanted to wait until you came to Detroit to get a piercing but In July I just couldn't wait any longer and went to see a piercer. I live in Shelby Township, MI & I was so excited to see that you referred Tiffany Diamond from Lady Luck located in Waterford, MI.

I went to see Tiffany just to ask about the triangle piercing and maybe gain a little more knowledge, & ended up getting the piercing that same day! Tiffany was very professional and made me feel extremely comfortable. I definately would recommend her to somebody interested in getting a genital piercing. The piercing did not hurt as bad as I thought it would..... The anticipation building up was worse than the actual piercing itself lol Thank you so much!

Triangle and Fourchette by Tiffany Diamond

I also went to see Tiffany, this evening actually. I've been wanting a genital piercing for years. I have 5 daughters, and after my 1st daughter, I ended up having a 4th degree laceration after birth. My whole private area was basically "put back together". So doing my research, I knew this was gonna be something new for her. I really wanted a hood piercing, but knew that was outta the picture. I walked in with an open mind. Tiffany is so out going and made everything comfortable for me. When she finally seen my anatomy, she gave me all of my options. I ended up doing an inner labia (horizontal), but the way my "girl" is, my piercing lays vertical and looks amazing. I'm not too sure who was more excited, Tiffany or myself! It's the first piercing she ever did that way. I was excited to be photographed as well as video tapes so she can present it. The "Crystal" 

Hi Elayne, I am very interested in getting a VCH piercing. I performed the Q tip test and I am confident that I passed it. However, I am concerned with finding the right piercer that has the experience in order to do the piercing correctly. I am in Daytona Beach, Florida. Do you know of any piercers here that you would refer?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

It is good to see someone doing their research before getting pierced.