Apadravya (Male Genital )Piercing with Hypertrophic Scarring

I received a some photos and quetions from a man who got an apadravya piercing

My name is P. and i am from Germany.
I am very confused right now because of my Apadravya and wanted to know, if you could be so kind to say me, what i can do.

I got it done at the 31 August in 2012.Penis with apadravya piercing and mark for traditional placement

After a few stretchings i am now at 2.4 mm with a length of 25mm.

About 3 weeks after i got the piercing there was some tissue growing in front of my Piercing and i tried to make it go away by sticking a needle in it.

Now the tissue is still there. It is dead, so i have no feeling there and it is very hard.

I wanted to ask another piercer what i could do to make it go away but she said, that the real problem would be, that my Apadravya is way to near the tip of my penis and that i should take it out because it will definately migrate.

I am very desperate now and wanted to ask you if this is true and if it is not, if you know what i can do to make this tissue go away.

Thank you very much in advance

Yours sincerely, P.

Hi P.,

Thanks for your message and the photos.

I've marked the photo of your penis with a more "traditional" placement for an apadravya piercing.

Penis with apadravya piercing and mark for traditional placementIt would appear that you have some hypertrophic scarring there. There is some chance that it is caused by the unusual placement. This page of my site explains some options you can try (assuming you're happy with the location of your piercing).


I've had some success with a new product Penis with apadravya piercing and mark for traditional placement I've personally
tried on my own ear cartilage scar tissue. It is a silicone disc that you would add onto the barbell and keep pressed snugly against the piercing 24/7. If the disc was tight enough on the bar post, it might not matter that you have the extra length on the bar. But it is important that the silicone disk provide continuous pressure against the scar tissue. I think it is worth a try if you intend to keep the piercing.

Take care and if you have additional questions, feel free to ask.


TBH if anything that looks like a genital wart to me, i'm not trying to be nasty and have had it before myself, maybe get it checked at the doctor?


  My boyfriend has had an amplang, apadravya, and several didos for 10 years now. He moved to the states from the UK and has had a hard time finding someone to change them due to the metric size difference. He recently went back to the uk and had the guy that pierced him originally change his amplang. They discovered a great deal of what looked like calcium build up that was preventing the bar from coming out easily or painlessly for that matter. After a lot of effort and pliers chipping away they were able to remove the jewelry and swap it out. However they didnt have time to change his apadravya which also seems to have this build up. 

  Have you ever heard of this type of hard build up before? And what would be the best way to go about dissolving it enough so that he might be able to change it himself? I have had someone suggest red wine vinegar?