Tongue Piercings: Suited to Minors, or Adults Only?!

I received an interesting question from a piercer who wanted to know my opinion on piercing the tongues of minors:

  • I was writing today with a question regarding tongue piercings. I was always under the assumption that the minimum age requirement is 18. I understood it to be a sexual piercing. Lately in my area some piercers have been piercing childrens tounges as young as 14. Is the age limit a law or just a guideline? I feel it is a highly inappropriate piercing for a minor and i myself refuse to do them on anyone younger than 18. Could you please shed some light on this subject? Thank you so much for your time.

You must do whatever feels comfortable for you within the bounds of local laws. I don't know where you're located, so I would encourage you to determine what laws on piercing of minors exist in your region, if any.

My opinion is that the tongue is not only a sexual organ. It is in a public location commonly visible during ordinary activities, and it is used for speech and eating as well as more adult purposes.

I think you're "projecting" your personal opinion about tongue piercings. For my perspective, I do not consider the tongue piercing to be an inherently sexual piercing. Nipples and genitals are clearly erogenous zones, but other areas of the body are less universally so. MANY people simply think tongue piercings "look cool" or "seem like fun" without bringing a more adult attitude to the event.

The tongue piercing heals quickly (unlike the navel, which is also popular with younger people!) and doesn't leave much of a visible mark if abandoned later (unlike like the navel, again).

Elayne Angel and her 5 tongue piercings
I would never suggest you do something against your ethics, but could encourage you to rethink tongue piercings as having broader application than exclusively as a erotic placement.

This is from my book, The Piercing Bible:

If asked whether tongue piercing is erotic, many piercees would proclaim an emphatic “Yes!” but an equal number would earnestly respond, “Absolutely not.” None of these people would be insincere; they simply differ in their perspectives. A tongue piercing is what you make of it. For some, it is merely an ornament; for others, it is a useful sensual device. The wearing of tongue jewelry will not magically transform you into an oral Casanova, but it will provide you with an additional tool, should you desire to use it.

I think a lot of piercers take into consideration the age at which someone is able to care for & properly heal the particular piercing in question, even if the state law would allow to be done with or without parental permission. It's a good reminder that any piercer that just pokes whatever wherever without hesitating or discussing it should be avoided. 

I'm 16, and i have my tongue pierced. I can understand why you would think of the tongue piercing as sexual, but that's not how most people i know look at it. I just really enjoyed the look of the piercing, never have i used it for anything sexual...But that's beside the real point. Honestly, your job is to give you client the look and enjoyment of their piercing - not push your personal beliefs on them! This is 2012, not 1990. I understand that you may be a wee bit old fashioned, but you're going to lose business that way, and let's face it, if you don't pierce their toungue, someone else will! Or, they could attempt to do it themselves and seriously injure themelves. Piercings are only sexual if you make it sexual, and just because you think of it as sexual doesn't mean they do. Just my opinion.


Virgin Minor, loving her tongue piercing (: