Very Shallow VCH Surface Piercing with Dangerously Long Jewelry (with photos)

A woman wrote to me:

I got this yesterday. It doesn't look like the other piercings.

Very shallow VCH surface piercing with "inverted-V" marked

My reply:

I'm afraid you have been given a very shallow hood surface piercing. You really should try to get your money back and you should take the jewelry out. It is definitely NOT safe to have such a small amount of skin pierced, especially with such a long bar. Even if you try to heal it, you're likely to find your body treats it as a splinter and ejects it. I would NOT trust the same piercer to redo it. Its abundantly clear that tea or she had absolutely no idea what to do or where to place a VCH piercing.

This page of my site clearly explains how the jewelry  should go underneath your hood:

Where are you located? Perhaps I can suggest a competent professional in your area?
I marked your photo with what I call the "Inverted-V" of the hood. The jewelry should be coming out from underneath there….

The photo below shows proper placement for the VCH piercing and jewelry that fits well.

good VCH piercing

Hi, it's been two weeks since I've had my VCH. It's just not for me and I want to know if it's safe to remove it just yet?

You won't really be able to judge whether the piercing suits you or not until after it is healed, which takes at least 4-6 weeks. (There's a big difference between a piercing that is in the healing stages and one that is fully healed.)

So, if it is placed properly, I'd suggest you leave it in place until after it is healed, then make a decision about whether it is for you or not.

If your jewelry is externally threaded and you don't have a taper to prevent the threads from passing through your skin, that would be another reason to wait until after you are healed.

If you're wearing internally threaded jewelry, just wash your hands and the piercing, and remove the jewelry. Continue to clean the area normally. That's about it.

I am beyond thankful for this website and this picture! I had my VCH done a week ago today. I still have some swelling and some normal secretions, but no pain or tenderness. I was concerned about the healing and if I had gotten a surface VCH instead of a correctly placed VCH. After looking at this picture of a correctly placed one and looking at mine, I am confident I went to a great piercer who was professional and knew what he was doing! Thank you for making this website and having so many blogs, photos and professional responses! 

Hey, Quick question. The picture you posted above of the VCH piercing with the proper fitting jewerly is an example of someone that does not have the anatomy for a christina piercing, right?

Correct. Optimal anatomy for a Christina (which is really a surface piercing, rather than a genital piercing), has a crease or divot at the top of the hood/juncture of the pubic mound. This gal has a "hill" there, rather than a "valley."