Triangle (Female Genital) Piercing Suitable for Virgin? (with photo)

I received an interesting message from a woman who is interested in getting a triangle piercing, but she has not had penetrative sex yet (and may never have had an orgasm):

I have been thinking about getting a triangle piercing for about 3 months now. I have trouble (or perhaps have never, am not super clear on this point) reaching orgasm and I think that this would help. From the information you gave on your site, I think that I am anatomically suited for it (yay). A friend implied that since I have not ever actually had penetrative sex, I should wait and "see if that makes a difference" (I am in my mid-twenties and attracted to men). In your professional opinion, do you think this piercing would make a difference? And do you think I should wait until after I have penetrative sex (that could be a while).

My reply:

This is a very personal decision that I can't make for you. Though I can most certainly encourage you to wait until you're able to get to a piercer who is highly qualified, meaning someone I recommend, or me personally.

I can say (as a sexually savvy mature woman in my 50s) that you won't be fully versed on what you enjoy sexually until you get more experience. So you wouldn't be able to know, for example, how the piercing has enhanced sex, until you've had it.

Chances are, if you aren't sure whether you've had an orgasm, then you likely have not.

Piercing aside, I can suggest you experiment with a strong vibrator if you have not experienced orgasms. This one is my personal favorite for clitoral stimulation (it is so strong, I don't actually touch it to my clitoris, which is pierced).

There are many similar models and options, and also insertables. You may wish to give something insertable a try as well, though many women do not orgasm from penetration without additonal stimulation.

It couldn't hurt to at least experiment some more before getting pierced.

If you really want the piercing and it "feels right" for you to get it, and you're anatomically suited, then you may decide to proceed. The choice is yours…

Triangle Piercing

Photo of a triangle piercing with an opened circular barbell, which allows the jewelry to rest tucked against the body, minimizing trauma and discomfort during healing.