Septum Piercing Question

I recently got a question from someone who got a septum piercing that didn't get placed in the correct location:

septum piercing

I got my septum pierced today and I have to say it was the most painful piercing I've had in a while. I was expecting a small quick pinch through the skin below the nasal cartilage, but instead it was an excruciating needle push through the thicker skin near the tip of my nose. It doesn't hurt now and I love the way it looks, I'm a just wondering if maybe the piercer did wrong? Or of I will have any problems with healing? 
Thanks so much,

septum piercing

My reply:
It is very difficult to evaluate you without seeing you in person, but it sounds like the piercer did not get it through the sweet spot that I refer to in my book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing:

Septum Piercing: Placement and Jewelry

A traditionally placed septum piercing is not in the cartilage that divides the nostrils. Instead it rests in a sweet spot (a location optimal for piercing) in the soft, membranous tissue just below the cartilage but above the skin. On most individuals this will be well up into the nose, toward the tip. The traditional placement passes through minimal tissue; in fact, it is some of the thinnest skin that is pierced on a human body. The piercing should be positioned in this location for comfort (both during the procedure and for the wearing of jewelry), ease of healing, and optimal concealment.

The size of the septum’s sweet spot does not necessarily correlate with the overall dimensions of one’s nose; a large nose can have a small pierceable area. Rely on your piercer for input about the initial jewelry gauge; you can always stretch it later.

Unfortunately, not all piercers are aware of the optimal placement or the technique needed to pierce it. Even slight asymmetry can make it very difficult to achieve a straight piercing. At times, a ridge is present that prevents securing a receiving tube in place for the procedure. The proper location for the piercing is very specific, and on some individuals it is extremely small. The piercing goes into the hidden recesses of the nose, so it is tricky for your piercer to see what he is doing. Even accomplished professionals often find the desired results are elusive. Seek an expert if you want a well-placed, aesthetically pleasing septum piercing.

Chances are it will still heal (unless it is placed in a spot that causes pressure against the jewelry). It will just take longer if it goes through the cartilage, and will be much harder to stretch if you wish to wear a larger gauge.

It looks aesthetically good, but it is quite far up inside your nose. I don't imagine you'd ever be able to wear a septum spike, assuming that appealed to you.

If you weren't planning to stretch it, and you're happy with how it looks, you can leave it in. It just might take longer to heal. If you aren't happy with it, you should remove it and probably talk to a different piercer about getting it redone later.


Post script: She sent me another email to let me know she had taken out this piercing and gotten repierced and is much happier now.