Shallow Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing with Dangerously Long and Large Jewelry

I received this message from a concerned piercee:

I got my piercing done two days ago and the skin that is on top of the bar hurts really bad to be touched.  Also where the top ball sits when I move it so I can clean it hurts. Also when  i got itI done it was the worse pain I have ever felt in my life!I please help!

VCH with Overly Long Bar with Overly Large Gem

My reply:
Your jewelry is WAY too large for your piercing, both in length, and in the size of the bottom gem. If you continue to wear it, I predict that you will suffer migration and perhaps other issues like excess scar tissue formation.

Have you taken a look at the piercing from the underside? The attached photos shows your shallow piercing and it is marked with an arrow where the piercing should actually be placed at the apex (deepest natural point) under your hood.  As it is placed now, the jewelry really doesn't rest closely to your clitoris, so it is not expected to add sensation.
Since your piercing is so shallow underneath, it may be best to remove the jewelry, heal up, and then visit a more competent piercer for a better placement and more appropriate jewelry.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to travel a bit to get a safe piercing. All of my referrals are listed here.

Also, is your jewelry externally threaded? If so, then it is not as high quality as it should be. If you seek new jewelry, you should look for an internally threaded piece. I recommend the jewelry from Body Circle Designs.

Underside of VCH Piercing with arrow marked for optimal placementThe suggested aftercare is on this page of my site here.

The instructions to not involve actively moving the jewelry, so you may be causing excess trauma by doing so. Please be gentle!

If your piercing was so painful, that is probably indicative of your piercer's relative lack of skill. Most of my clients do not report that the piercing is very painful. Many of them describe it as mostly "startling." If you would like to watch me do a VCH piercing, I have video available here.