Nostril Piercing Placement (With Photos)

I got a message from a piercee who was concerned about the placement of her nostril piercing:

Nostril piercing front viewHi Elayne, I just got my nostril pierced a week ago, but I'm experiencing the same problem P. had with nostril piercing placement. Although I had initially questioned the placement of my piercing, I went ahead with it anyway because I knew that my piercer was experienced and therefore trusted his judgment.

But since I've gotten my nostril pierced, I've been extremely self conscious about it, thinking I might look stupid because it may not be in the most flattering position for my face. I've even found myself looking at peoples' noses and imagining where a potential nostril piercing should be placed, and more often than not, it looks best along their crease. To my surprise, the placement of my nostril piercing, though unconventional and awkward at first glance, has kind of grown on me (it looks a bit weird straight on, but the profile view is not too bad). However, I know that a few millimeters can make a big difference, as you mentioned to P. I was hoping that with your experience, you could help me settle my indecisiveness.

Nostril piercing side viewDo you think the current placement of my nostril piercing is enough of an aesthetic problem for me to get it repositioned and repierced? And if so, where would it be most flattering on my face? I would really appreciate your informed opinion before I decide if I should remove the jewelry so that I can get my nostril repierced as soon as possible once it is healed. I've attached several pictures at different angles. (Let me know if you need better quality ones!) Thank you so much Elayne!

My reply:
I think the placement looks really good! Your supralar crease (the site of "traditional" placement) is higher on you than on the "average" nose; so, your piercer cheated it a little further down, in order to keep the jewelry a reasonable distance from the edge of your nostril. I would have suggested doing the same.

I believe the jewelry would look too high up if it were located at the crease of your nose. As you know, I'm not afraid to give my opinion even if it differs from that of another professional piercer. But in this case, I believe your piercer exercised good judgment and placed it aesthetically for your features.

My suggestion is to relax and enjoy it. You are very beautiful and it makes a lovely accent to your appearance.

She was appreciative of my input and wrote:

Thanks for responding so quickly! Your feedback has really given me peace of mind. :)  I appreciate all your helpl!


I also got my nose pierced a few weeks ago.

Now I am questioning the position and I am deciding more and more that the placement is wrong and looks weird in total..

Can I send you some pictures and you tell me your opinion?

You would help me a lot.

Thanks, A

Was a little worried about my piercing sometimes I like it and other times I feel like its in the wrong place am I just s little too worried. I think I'm more worried because it was pierced with a gun v.s. a needle 

Thank you for answering this! I found your post through a Google search because I am in the same situation- my crease is a bit higher and it's not as defined (I have a flat nose, similar to the one pictured). My piercer also placed my piercing a little below my actual crease, as she said it would be too high otherwise. Sometimes I worry that it would look better higher up, but being inexperienced with piercings, I just went with it at the time. Getting a second opinion from this post puts me at ease. Thank you!