Emu Oil for Healing (and Stretching) Nipple and Genital Piercings

I recently received a great message from a gentleman who got his first piercings at age 50. He wrote to say how much he likes emu oil, and how well it worked on his piercings and stretches:

Elayne -
I am compelled to contact you and thank you for the recommendation of using emu oil to help heal piercings.  Just a quick update, I am I guess you would call a late bloomer, but got the urge to get a body piercing - at 50!  While I may be 50 I act and think like I'm 25 again, and the body piercing was soemthing that I was thinking about for a long time. 

Well, I did it - got my left earlobe and my left nipple pierced, and I went to a reliabel place in town here in Orlando called Axiom, who were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and considerate, especially when a 50 year old man like me walks in the door.  But I had no fear, and went through the procedure - pain was not an issue, but the beauty I saw in the mirror, the allure of my pierced nipple was worth the effort.  While I was there I had asked about genital piercings, as I was interested in a frenium, which I did just about a week later. 

A couple of weeks after that I did a second frenium so now I have the 4 piercings.  I tried the right nipple, but for some reason it just kept on being pushed out so I'm letting it rest for a while.

Hopefully you're still with me, because the best news was that I had gone to your website, and read about using the emu oil to heal the piercing wounds.  While not easy to find at any retail store, I was able to get it at my local organic health food store (I'm a vegan as well) - Thunder Ranch is the one I got. 

After applying it to the piercings as you had recommended, and keeping with it, the wounds healed almost miraculously, and any swelling or discomfort was gone.  Better yet, I went back about 4 weeks after getting my left nipple pierced and wanted to get it streched from a 14 gauge to a 12 gauge; this was done with minimal discomfort for maybe a day or so. 

After that, I went back two weeks after this stretching to see about going to a 10 gauge, which I thought would be too soon.  Much to my amazement, the stretch was effortless, and the piercer remarked how easy it was - I probably could have gone even to an 8 gauge because how pliable the area was. 

I told him it was the emu oil, and told him of your website and your recommendation to use it.  He was so amazed at how it worked on an old fart like me he asked me where to get it because he was going to see about adding it to the store to help with the piercing customers.  Just so you know, Axiom is very thorough with their procedures, and goes through aftercare in great detail, although they focus primarily on saline soaks to help the healing process.

Your insights have made a believer in me, and although I only have about 10% of the piercings you have, I treasure them and look at them as a way that I decorate the body that I have and the body that I love.  I was thinking next about either a pubic or a lorum - or do you think that would be too much in the genital area?

Regardless, I wanted to thank you very much for the emu oil recommendation - it has made me a true believer and I may have already converted a very experienced piercer to believe as well!


Hi P.

Thanks SO much for sharing your story. I'm delighted to hear that you're as much of a fan of emu oil as I am. Those of us who have experienced it's amazing affects become true believers and I can imagine that it may all sound a little "cultish" or like an exaggeration to those who haven't experienced the product.

If you want to pass word along to your piercer, I get mine from Desert Palms Emu and they do have wholesale pricing. One of my clients who used it on her piercings put it on her son, who was in a bad fireworks accident and received severe burns on his upper extremities and face. The doctors were AMAZED that he healed without any scarring as a result of emu oil!

If it makes you feel any better, I'm a tad older than you are, and I'm still proudly sporting my piercings and tattoos. You're as young as you feel, and I feel darned good! Glad to hear you do too!

Your enthusiasm for piercings is completely understandable, but I do want to caution you about going too fast. Enjoy the journey a bit more! Even if you are experiencing great healing, and easy stretching, I've seen that kind of think catch up to piercees who jump in too far, too fast. I believe that may have been part of the problem with your other nipple piercing not staying put. I'd suggest you wait 6 months or longer before getting any more piercings. That way you are assured that your body is not being overburdened. Also, stretching too fast can sometimes cause problems so do be careful!

I'm curious about you using an animal product since you're vegan--is it a matter of what you eat, rather than any use of animal products? I hesitate to suggest the emu oil to individuals who are vegan or vegetarian, so perhaps you can offer me some insight that I can use to offer it up to them?



Elayne Angel, Author
The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
President, Association of Professional Piercers


i recently got my nipples pierced, and when i asked the piercer about using emu oil to help with healing, she said i needed to wait a month before starting it. i have used emu oil on other piercings, and i love it. is there any reason why i should wait to start using it?

thanks! i love your website and book!


I've read some things that might make sense to wait 24-48 hours after a wound (or piercing), but there's definitely no reason to wait longer than that!

I saw this post the miraculous doings of Emu Oil, and I just wanted to throw my two cents in: that stuff is spectacular! 

My skin is very sensitive and has always given me problems with new piercings. In fact, I've denied myself a new piercing on several occasions because I was AFRAID of the healing process and the hell it would bring. Granted, going through the healing process is never a breeze, but the horror of it for me is just...doubly intensified, simply because my skin is more sensitive than that of most others...

When I got my nostril and nipples pierced, everything started out fine. However, after a few weeks, things started taking a turn for the worse. Not only was the skin on my nose EXTREMELY dry and cracked up, but my nostril piercing was becoming embedded! I didn't even know that could happen with a nostril screw...but it happened; it buried into my nose. I got new jewelry and embedding wasn't a problem anymore, but then I started getting painful bumps around my nose. I didn't know if these were "piercing pimples" or not. All I knew was that they hurt, and they shouldn't be there. As for my nipples, well, let's just say I felt like I was stuck in my first week of healing for eternity, minus the bleeding. They hurt all the time, and the amount of crusting I was getting was...excessive. The amount of troubleshooting I went through for my piercings was unfathomable. I even considered abandoning all three of my piercings at one point. 

I read The Piercing Bible and found the small exerpt on Emu Oil. Before reading the book, I thought Emu Oil was simply a soothing oil for stretched ears. But this book told me that it is so much more than that: a miracle ointment. I felt like I had to try it. 

I used the oil twice a day along with my regular saline soaks once every day (and occasional "hot compresses" that I had attempted). After about a week, I dropped the saline soaks (since my nose was so dry...) and used the oil alone. Let's just say...those painful bumps around my nose have vanished! And it looks and feels like a completely healed piercing. While my nipples still aren't fully healed, the crusting has decreased to almost nothing, and they don't hurt as much (sometimes I can't even tell that they're there). I have not had any new problems occur with my piercings since using the Emu Oil. 

I still have some time before I can dub my piercings healed, but I am SO GLAD that I started using the Emu Oil, because it has made the healing process for me so much easier, and so much more tolerable. I don't feel afraid to get new piercings anymore, since I now know that I can better control how they heal. I even intend on going to my piercer this week and getting a couple dermal anchors done, and possibly even a tongue piercing... 

All I can say is, thanks for writing this book, Elayne.