Bleeding VCH Piercing

Bleeding VCH piercing; shallow with long jewelryI received a message from a concerned woman whose VCH piercing was bleeding:

I just got a VCH piercing and I know bleeding is normal and so is swelling but this is my vagina and it's kinda scary to pierce it and not really expect it to swell and bleed, when I was told it shouldn't be that bad, that spotting was normal. But I'm not really spotting it's pretty consistant but it's not a lot. I can't really explain it. I've attached some pictures because like I said before it's kinda scary.

Sorry the pictures arent the most attractive. But I don't feel like it looks right and I've been reading your responses, so I sent them. 

I really hope this lady didn't screw up. I'd hate to have to take it out...
Thank you for your time.

Hi there,
It isn't the bleeding that concerns me. This excerpt is from The Piercing Bible:

What to Expect
Immediately after being pierced, some bleeding, swelling, and tenderness or pain are standard consequences. Bleeding may continue—usually intermittently—for a few days. Localized bruising is normal, though not typical for most piercings. Heavy blood flow or bleeding that continues for longer than a few days may be cause for concern,and you should contact your piercer or a physician. The placements that routinely bleed freely are discussed in chapters 10–13.

If a piercing bleeds or swells substantially right after the piercing, an ice pack should be applied as soon as possible. Prepared piercers keep disposable instant cold packs ready for use. They can be wrapped in a clean dental bib or paper towel to maintain hygiene. Occasionally, a piercing will swell so much that your piercer needs to swap out your jewelry for a larger piece before you leave the studio. An adept technician will use an insertion taper to change it for you without causing pain or trauma to the area. Internally threaded jewelry is safer and easier to deal with in these situations.

Piercings that bleed under the surface can leave a colorful bruise. Arnica montana (a natural herb) may help to diminish the discoloration. Arnica is available in cream or gel form at health food stores. Apply it on the bruise, but do not put it directly into the wound.4

More of concern is how close to the piercing is located to edge of your hood, and how long the jewelry is. It should fit like the jewelry shown on this page:

Shallow VCH with Dot Marked for Correct PlacementThe piercing should be at the apex (deepest natural part) of your hood. My guess is that it is much closer to the edge of your hood than that. If you want to have a properly placed piercing, you will need to remove that and let it heal, then have it redone. Chances are the piercer you visited can't be trusted to do it properly if she didn't know where to put it in the first place. Sorry....

If you intend to keep it, you should definitely get a shorter bar put in. Wearing overly long jewelry can cause irritation and delay or interrupt healing due to excessive trauma.

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I had a piercing done and did not experience any problems except that it was a little tender to the touch. The gent that did mine certainly knew what he was doing. I am not sorry I had mine done.

It really enhances a persons sexuality.

what is the best way to clean the blood clots from around the piercing

Hey, Ive read loads on your site but I still feel the need to write in, I had a vch done today at around 11.00am, and when it was done looked perfect, but throughout the day the bleeding is getting worse, I came straight home after my day at work and got in the bath, but it's still bleeding a hell of a lot very simelar to maybe a period, a little worried as I have waited 3 months and went into it with great thought, and it would be a shame to remove it :( is this normal??? X 

Hello there and I had my VCH piercing about 3 o'clock this afternoon and now it's 11 o'clock at night and bleeding is really heavy I've got through around four or five light panty liners they go through to my underwear and then I was sat in the mirror looking at it and the blood trickling down really fast so I'm a little bit worried that this is normal  bleeding. it doesn't hurt that much and it looks in the right place they used a ring. I am scared please email response :( 

Mine is doing this as well... It started today and I got mine pierced the day before yesterday. It's only a little bit of blood but it's been all day. if you hear anything can you post on here?

Some bleeding is perfectly normal following piercing, especially in a vascular area like genitals. It does not indicate any problem or complication.

Do not do any saline soaks until all bleeding is resolved for 24-48 hours.

From The Piercing Bible:

During stage 1, or the inflammatory phase, a piercing is a fresh, open wound. Bleeding, swelling, and tenderness are all normal. Over the first few days, the blood clots and platelets and plasma infiltrate the wound to achieve hemostasis (stoppage of bleeding). As the wound begins to heal, the body forms and lays down basal (base) cells—the foundation layer of the epidermis.