Yet Another Surface VCH Piercing

I just got yet another message from a woman who got a totally botched VCH piercing. This was especially upsetting since she had actually been on this website to learn about genital piercings before getting hers done!

I used your site for research about a vch piercing before actually getting it.  Unfortunally I got it.  I was not happy wiAnother Surface VCH Piercingth how it came out, I dont think the pictures are showing it very well, but i can actually see the barbell through where I got the piercing. I contacted the piercer and he has offered to redo it free of charge.  I just wanted your opinion on if I'm completely crazy for thinking it is messed up or if I was correct for taking it out.  Also, I took it out two hours ago, but I am feeling discomfort, it isn't exactly pain but it doesnt feel natural.  Is there any suggestions you have?  I'm doing the sea salt soaks even though I took it out until it heals.  Please Help!

My reply:

You asked for my opinion and I'm going to tell you that I do NOT believe you should have the same piercer do the job. That VCH piercing is not even remotely close to being where it should be. In fact the jewelry is not even resting under your hood. It is a hood surface piercing. Even if they manage to get it in "deeper" I doubt they would place it under the "inverted V" of your hood, since they didn't put it there the first time. See this page for clarification on the placement:

Have you spoken with the owner? You really deserve a refund! You have received a totally botched piercing.

You may need to travel to get it done properly. Many of my clients travel 8 hours or more to see me and none of them has ever regretted it!


I have been sitting here bearing myself up about my vch. I have looked at photos of a improperly placed vch and saw the dots that marked the correct placement, that is how mine is placed, but I have two holes, not one. Is this correct.

I have also been wondering if my piercing is correct as far as placement. The difference between the ones discussed on this thread is that mine is an HCH piercing. I'm thinking that it IS in fact correct but that maybe things aren't exactly 'symmetric' down there and this is the reason for the way it looks...not sure.

It sounds like maybe you have a surface VCH piercing. Feel free to send me some clear, close-up photos to elayneangel @ piercingbible [dot] com.