Inappropriate VCH (Clitoral Hood) Piercing Jewelry

I received yet another message about a botched VCH piercing. The difference was that it was done in a studio where I do refer to a particular piercer! However, the individual I refer to wasn't available so it was done by a different piercer. BEWARE: if I don't list the individual piercer's name on my referrals page, I am NOT providing a referral to them. Some studios have piercers that vary widely in terms of skills and exVCH Piercing with Overly Long Straight Barbellperience. Please be careful!!!

"Hi Elayne, How are you? I'm messaging you because I got a vch piercing about 3 days ago from XXX. The piercer you recommended wasn't in so I let another piercer at the location do it. Now I'm concerned that it wasn't done right (placement) and that she used the wrong type of jewelry.  I attached is a pic that I took myself, hopefully you can let me know what's up, and what I need to do if anything. Thanks in advance."




 Shallow VCH with Dot Marked for Correct PlacementOh my goodness, that jewelry is definitely far too long, and the straight barbell does NOT fit well in the area. I believe it could prevent healing and cause migration, excess scarring, and other problems. It definitely needs to be changed. Normally, when proper jewelry is worn, it should not be changed during the initial healing. However, in your case, it would be detrimental to leave it in, so it should be changed out ASAP.

  I can't tell for sure from the photos you sent whether the piercing is in the proper place for your body--it might be. To determine that, I would need to see the underside, butyour  piercing may be too new and tender for me to get a look at that. See the attached images, which show piercings that are not properly placed, with a dot marked for where the piercing should be located (at the apex--the deepest natural point underneath the hood).

Are you able to return to the studio today? I think the piercer I recommend should be in. You may want to call to find out.Another Shallow VCH Piercing (Marked)

Followup: The woman did visit the piercer I trust and was able to get properly fitting jewelry of an appropriate style (a shorter curved barbell).

Good Evening. Would you reccomend a professional VCH piercer in New York City for me please???

Thank You alot