Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing (VCH) Disaster Averted

I got a message from a woman who nearly ended up with a severely embedded piece of jewelry in her clitoral hood:

So I just got my VCH done about a week ago. It doesn't hurt, there's barely any swelling, and there's no discoloration. It's a barbell and in all of the pictures I've seen, you can always see both ends of the barbel. You can only see the top of mine and the barbel itself sticks out about 1/8 of an inch. I was looking in the mirror and searching for the bottom part (with clean hands) and couldn't find it! I can see the bottom ball of the barbel under my skin but I can't actually see the metal. Is this normal? If so, am I ever going to be able to change it?

Go see your piercer immediately for an evaluation! You may have had jewelry put in that was too short and it may be embedding. Even if it is not embedding, you need a longer bar if you are unable to find the bottom ball easily.

You were right! Thank you so much. I went to the place I got it pierced and a different piercer looked at it. She was blown away by the un-professionalism of the previous piercer. I got a longer bar after much discomfort but It's so much better now. Thank you

Whew! She is lucky she contacted me, and also fortunate that I responded quickly, and she was smart to head right over to the studio. ANY time it appears that your body is "swallowing up" a piece of jewelry--the skin appears to be growing over the end of a bar, for example--see a piercer immediately! If you don't  swap out for body jewelry that fits properly in a timely fashion to, you could end up with a situation that requires surgical intervention! Attend to such problems immediately!

This happened to me only it DID completely close over the bottom ball. I had to go to hospital to have it hacked out with a scalpel. I am left scarred, sore and traumatised!!!!

What did they have to do? I have the same thing. But am scared as to what they are going to do lol