Client Asked For a Hood Piercing, Ended Up with a Christina Piercing

I received a message today from a gal who was concerned that her piercing hadn't been properly placed. Wow was she right!

I am sending you a picture of my piercing because I am concerned it is to ohigh up??? Could you please look at my pic and give me your opinion?
You don't actually have a hood piercing! You have been given a Christina piercing, which is above the hood. It is in a small amount of tissue, which means it is unlikely to heal successfully (migration is common with this placement, especially with that style of jewelry). Also, and perhaps more importantly, if you wanted a VCH piercing, you didn't get one. Did you see the photos of VCH piercings on my website? They are supposed to go underneath the hood so that the jewelry rests against your clitoris.

Not a VCH as requested, but a Christina piercing
This prior blog post I put up may help make it clear that yours is not at all in the right location:

If you want to get a VCH piercing, you will need to find a different piercer--assuming you actually requested a hood piercing and ended up with the one you have.

She responded:

Thank you so much for enlightening me!!!!! I wanted a I'm frustrated!!! In your opinion should I take this one out and start over or could I leave this one in and also get a VCH????  What is the purpose of a Christina piercing??? Are there any benefits????

I replied: As long as the piercing appears to be doing well, you can go ahead and leave it in. Yours is a little lower than most of the Christinas that I've seen, and that may mean it could be easier to heal, if it is somewhat in your hood tissue, rather than in the surface tissue of the mons (pubic mound).

A Christina piercing is purely ornamental and can take 6 months or longer to heal. By comparison, a VCH takes 4-6 weeks to heal! In case your piercer didn't provide you with good aftercare guidelines (and I have to wonder since he or she thought they were giving you a VCH piercing!) you can find my care advice here:

This is what it says about the Christina piercing in my book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing:

The Christina (or Venus) piercing is a comparatively recent innovation. It is a surface piercing that is placed vertically at the top of the cleft of Venus (top of the vulva), optimally extending about an inch up the pubic mound (soft mound of flesh just above the genitals).

It takes significantly longer to heal than any other female genital piercing. The jewelry does not contact the clitoris, so this placement is ornamental in nature. The Christina is not one of the most popular piercings because it is not expected to add erotic sensation and takes a long period of time to heal. However, if you are a motivated piercee and you are attracted to this adorn-ment, these aspects may not prove to be barriers.

Q-tip TestHave you done the q-tip test as pictured here to check if you are anatomically suited for a VCH piercing? Simply insert the swab under your hood but don't push up too hard on it. If the hood doesn't cover the tip of the swab, try to manually draw the skin down to cover the entire tip. Also, you might want to de-fluff the swab and lubricate it a bit if your hood seems snug or shallow. 

Where are you located? Perhaps I can pierce you myself during one of my upcoming guest piercing travels? You can find my events in a block on the right column of my web page. If not, you can check for piercers on my referrals page.

I got my Christina pierced in November 2011, and have not had much pain, but it is not june 2012 and it is still not healed. It seems no matter what I do, it just sits there and doesnt heal. I don't understand it at all. Im really considering taking it out as this whole not healing thing just leads me to believe scar tissue will keep building up around it as it tries to heal (unsuccessfully) and when I get to that point of frustration and take it out, it will be a really ugly scar. I don't want that.

Women are most definitely NOT at all the same on the surface! This brief passage from my book, The Piercing Bible, outlines two of the most major types of builds:

Female Genital Piercing: Hills and ValleysThis terminology helps us to identify and discuss two basic shapes of female genital anatomy. These builds could also be described as innie and outie, but I’ll reserve those terms for navels. If you are built with a valley, you have outer labia that are higher than your hood. You have a very vertical shape and are poorly suited to horizontal piercings; the jewelry would twist when you close your legs. You lack sufficient hood tissue to support a horizontal piercing or have too much outer labia and surrounding skin, which would interfere with horizontal jewelry.

If you are built with a hill, you have a hood that is substantial, and higher than your outer labia. You may be a better candidate for horizontal piercings, depending on the configuration of your hood. Even though women with hills are better suited to horizontal piercings than those with valleys, some still opt for vertical placement, or both.

Yes, absolutely--the q-tip test is the way to determine if you're suited to a VCH. You can learn all about it from this post here:

And you're welcome to send me photos if you want me to take a look at your build and let you know. Use the contact form to touch base and you will receive my email address where you should send the photos.


I have a VCH piercing and recently I viewed a few pictures of a VCH and Christina piercing together. I really want one but I keep reading all of these "you need to have the right anatomy" comments and I wanted to know, what exactly is the right anatomy?? I thought all female areas were the same on the surface (not the inside of course) Is there a test you can take like there is for a VCH piercing?..

Suitable anatomy for a Christina piercing involves a vulva that has a groove or crease at the top where the outer labia meet in the center at the pubic mound. Also the tissue there needs to be relatively pliable.If you wish to send me a clear, close-up image or two, I'll be happy to take a look. The best view would be with you standing with your legs together taken right at the level where the piercing would go.