VCH Questions and Body Image Issues

Below is some correspondence I had with a woman who did book in to have me do her VCH piercing and a pair of outer labia piercings:


I have a question about the VCH.  I pretty much need to use a vibrator on my clit if I want to orgasm (masturbation or during intercourse), and, while I've been interested in the VCH, I'm concerned that the jewelry and the vibrator will make unpleasant rattling noises when they come in contact.  Are there ways around this (either with changes to the vibrator material—currently plastic—or ways of moving the jewelry around during sexual activity)? S.

Hi S.,
It is true that contact with a vibrator against body jewelry will result in a sound, not everyone considers it unpleasant. ; ) You could try non-metallic jewelry (after healing), or, like some women, you may find that the additional direct clitoral stimulation from the jewelry makes the vibrator superfluous. Certainly nobody can make any promises, but if you're interested in the VCH, and anatomically suited to it, then I think it is worth a try. There are a lot of variables involved including unique human anatomy, body jewelry size, style, and material, personal preferences for stimulation, different sexual activities.... So it is the kind of thing you'd need to try out to see how it works for you.

Hi Elayne,
Thanks for all your informative answers!  Would you recommend against doing two outer labia and a VCH in the same sitting, or would that be okay for my body to handle?  Also, I've seen lots of pictures where navel jewelry is worn in a VCH; is navel jewelry (due to its asymmetry with ball sizing) inappropriate, or is it safe to wear?

In any case, I'm definitely keeping the appointment and will send the deposit to your Paypal right after I finish this e-mail. :) A bit of personal background: I'm super excited to have this opportunity; a year ago, my boyfriend just really couldn't stomach the idea of body piercing, and even seeing my lobe piercings (not to mention my helices) would make him queasy.  It got to the point where he tried to pressure me not to get more piercings out of his discomfort, but, after a number of arguments and some time for both of us to cool down, he's now okay with it.  He's not super excited about it, but he realized that my interest in body modification makes me far happier than it makes him unhappy (if that made sense), and he likes seeing me happy. :)

Also, I've been struggling with self esteem as far as my body image goes for many, many years—nothing extremely emotionally crippling, but still enough to make me feel bad—and I've come to realize that I should take better care of my body if I want to hang sparkly things from it!  So this newfound guilt-free body modification has also led me to value my body more and be more proactive with my health and weight (which is so the opposite of what too many people think—that body modification is self-mutilation, or a sign of someone hating their own body, or something silly like that).

Sorry for the rambling!  I finished up poking through all the entries on your blog today (started skimming when I hit page 30 or so :P) and I feel like you're very personable and easy to talk to, and I noticed that you enjoy e-mails where people share their personal experience, so I wanted to share mine.

Thanks again! S.

Hi S.,
Yes, I do enjoy getting to know my clients, and I appreciate you sharing your personal story. Glad to hear that you and your boyfriend have been able to come to an understanding about your interest in body modification! And I'm totally delighted to hear that your interest in it has inspired you to take better care of yourself. I actually experienced a similar situation. I've always tended to be on the curvy side, and when I was in my 30s, I started putting on weight. I felt myself sliding over to the point of no return. The thing that got me to stop that trend and turn things around (with a focus on healthful eating and regular exercise) was my tattoos. I felt it would be a disservice to the artists who had done such beautiful work on my body if I let myself go. I'm still curvy, but now that I'm 50, I'm in better shape than I was in my 20s!

So, back to your questions: I'm comfortable to do the VCH with the 2 outer labia piercing. The VCH is very quick and easy to heal and won't be much of an additional burden to your body's healing capacity. It is the same jewelry that is worn in navel and VCH piercings: curved barbells. Of course the details vary, but it is quite common to place a ball or gem that is a little bigger on the bottom of either piercing (when compared to the top of the curved barbell). To clarify, in case there's any question, you'll be getting jewelry at the studio after I determine the optimal starting size for your body. After you're healed, you can experiment with different sizes and styles, etc.


I ordered a copy of the Piercing Bible; I'm part of a couple of online body mod communities, and I realized that all the advice that's tossed around is basically a condensed version of what I've glimpsed from your book.  So excited for it to come in the mail! S.