Successful Piercing Visits to Atlanta and Philadelphia

I'm back home after a long but successful trip. I attended a Board meeting for the Association of Professional Piercers, did piercings in Atlanta and Philadelphia, and shot a segment for The Learning Channel about erotic piercings.

In Atlanta I performed 53 piercings on 31 clients over 3 days. They came from Alabama, Florida, Illinois, South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia (of course), and Ontario, Canada to be pierced by me.

In Philadelphia, I performed 71 piercings on 50 clients over 4 days. They came to get pierced by me from Connecticut, Deleware, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Washington DC, and of course, Pennsylvania, plus Ontario, Canada! Wow!!

As usual, I did primarily female genital piercings--LOTS of VCH piercings, and a good number of triangles, too. I There were quite a few women who got both, while we were at it. I also did a few inner labia piercings and a fourchette or two. I did some male genital piercings too, including an apadravya, some frenums, and a lorum. I did a number of nipple piercings, including one woman who had inverted nipples when she arrived, and very perky non-inverted nipples when she left. She was so delighted--I completely cured her inverted nipples!

I told a good friend of mine about my trip. She is a really great woman, a writer who is also an American living in the Yucatan. She wrote to me:

Wow - you are soooo successful!  You have really carved out a niche for yourself - and not only that, but you have positioned yourself as the leading expert and authority.  That's really an accomplishment very few people can claim.  To be a genuine forerunner for a whole it an industry, technology, product, trend - or body piercing.  You know something...I have interviewed literally thousands of people over the course of my career (I think I told you I figured out that I have interviewed roughly 4,000 people over 20-plus years).  And since it was an interview, not a social meeting, we spoke ONLY about them, I didn't exist except to illicit information in a way that got them to open up...
So the point is - I have heard literally thousands of stories about people's lives, passions, careers, aspirations, disappointments, get the idea.  Given this, I really have met very very few with the clearly focused, committed, non-wavering, defined direction that you possess.  I mean...I did meet and speak with many many people very dedicated to whatever it was they were doing.  But they were not swimming against the tide of conventionality to do it.  They didn't meet resistance from family or society....
So, not only it is remarkable what you are doing, but also what you are doing in the face of (I'm assuming, at least initially) great opposition all around you - and be totally unshaken by the resistance, so sure of your beliefs and your dream - that is absolutely remarkable.  I just wanted to let you know I see this in you, I value it, I am impressed by it.  I think you are a totally extraordinary individual.  And even given your success, you are still so know what I mean?  So level-headed, sensible, realistic, compassionate and possessing great integrity.  Ok, I'll stop now, so your head can fit through the doorway (hehe).