Love of Body Piercing

I got a fantastic message on my YouTube account:

I just wanted to thank you for writing The Piercing Bible, it has helped me grow as a piercer and develop a deep love for piercing. I started piercing as a way to get my foot in the door to the tattoo industry but my teacher put her heart and soul into teaching me how to pierce and always talked about you and your book. I have ordered two copies of your book, one for my home and one for the shop I work at. Thank you so much for inspiring so many people and for indirectly helping me find my first and second loves one being piercing and the second my teacher, we are now engaged to be married. thank you

My reply:

Thanks so much for your message and congratulations to you and your fiance!

That sure gave me a warm fuzzy feeling! I'm thrilled to hear that my book has proved to have such a positive impact on your career and your perspective on piercing. I can't say I ever imagined that my book would ever be responsible (even indirectly) for a romantic connection. I'm so happy that you shared your good news with me.

Send my warmest regards and respect to your mentor/fiance. I wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness together.

FYI--The Piercing Bible is available wholesale to sell in the studio where you work. It was written with piercees as the primary target audience, and it sells really well in body art/piercing studios. You can get autographed books in quantity (10) from the Association of Professional Piercers here.

They can also be orderd directly from the publisher (Random House.) Email: [email protected] or call 800.733.3000 ext. 3840 and tell the new account representative that you want to set up a "retailer account for a special market" to get a lower (13 book) minimum order.



Thank You!!!