Piercing Photos--The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

(Note: The photos are NOT shown in that order!)

It seems as though this will never end! I keep getting messages from women with botched genital piercings.

Here's one I marked with the correct placement. As you can see from the dots I put on the image, the piercer was nowhere near the correct location.

Surface VCH piercing marked with correct placement


Here's another. Not only is the piercing angled far off to the side, this piercee told me that the piercing came through under her clitoris (instead of under her hood)!

Angled VCH Piercing


If you're a piercer and you're doing genital piercings without training, knowledge or skill, I beg you PLEASE STOP!

Below is a representation of proper jewelry placement and fit. It also shows the way a triangle piercing fits with a circular barbell that has been widened out to slide down over the inner lips and rest right against the body. This prevents it from twisting and turning during healing.

Proper Placement for VCH piercing


If you're a woman seeking a genital piercing, PLEASE be careful!!!  There are many piercers out there without training, skill, or ethics. Some of the women shown in the botched piercing photos went to piercers with 10+ years experience!

Do your homework. Contact me or check my referrals page to locate a qualified and competent piercer. Oh, and read The Piercing Bible so that you can be a well educated consumer!

And this is why I'll happily wait for your next trip to Philly so that I can have my VCH piercing done by you personally!! =)