Yes, Yet ANOTHER Shallow VCH Piercing

Here's a message I received from a woman who had gotten a VCH piercing and she had concerns about whether it was properly placed:

Hi there,

You seem to know exactly what you're talking about and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a question for me. I got a VCH about a week ago, and there's still some stinging pain although no redness or anything to suggest infection... but what I'm wondering is if there's any chance of the piercing growing out? Like, not the ends of the barbell sliding through the hole, but the body actually growing the piercing out.

I'm nervous because I've never had a piercing down there and don't really know what I should look for. Obviously I should be able to tell if that's happening and the piece of the hood looks smaller to me than the first day or two, but I don't know if that's just swelling. Any answer or what I should watch for would be extremely helpful right now. Obviously I would contact the person that did the piercing but if it was done incorrectly I don't think I'd trust what she told me anyway. Thanks in advance. A.

I'm afraid I'm limited in what I can tell you from a verbal description. But if you can send me a few clear, close up photos I can tell whether your piercing was placed properly, whether the jewelry is an appropriate size and fit, and if you appear to be healing normally or not.

If everything was done properly, and you were anatomically suited, then there is very little chance of rejection.

Feel free to send some pictures.


Here's some pictures. Thank you so much for taking a look. I'm almost in tears thinking I might have to take it out, I loved it so much for the first couple of days until it started looking different and hurting more.


Shallow VCH with curved bar

Shallow VCH with curved bar


Hi A.,

I'm afraid your piercing does appear shallow (too close to the edge of your hood). I'd suggest you remove the jewelry to avoid having it expelled from your body through migration and rejection, as that could leave you with a bifurcated hood. Unless your piercing migrated A LOT in the first week, it appears that the initial jewelry was way too long for your build.

Do you know if the piercing was done at the very deepest part under your hood? If it was, then that indicates that you are not built for a VCH piercing. If it wasn't placed there (meaning it wasn't placed properly) then it may be possible to have it redone in the right position. If it was indeed at the deepest part of your hood, then your hood isn't long enough to accommodate the piercing (and it shouldn't have been done in the first place).

Sorry I don't have better news for you.

hi, iv spent a lot of time looking through this site before i bit the bullet and had my vch. i havent had it long only a week or two and im happy with the placement. i have faith that the procedure was done correctly, there was little pain during my piercing and little after however over the last few days i have been experiencing a scratchy feeling when moving about, is this normal? could this just be the jewelery moving about or twisting? or the beginning of a nasty infection there seems to be no other signs of infection, no discharge ect. i also wondered about the rejection risk, and what would the signs be to look out for if it was to reject and is there anything i can avoid doing to lower my risk? sorry to bombard you im just worried, its not an area of my body i really want a rejection scar on. Thanks alot!