Piercing Questions from a Female to Male (FTM) Transsexual

I got this message from a Facebook friend: (and have since added a page regarding genital piercings for others: genderqueer, trans, and non gender-binary)

Hey Elayne,
I had a bit of a question. What is your take on ftm genital piercings, before any kind lower surgery? I myself being trans and having a few trans friends. I meant to talk to you about this at conference this year, but didnt. I know a lot of guys who also don't want to come in and ask for a "hood" piercing. I was almost considering figuring out another name for them. Also, do you think Triangle piercings are ok? it seems to me the jewelry would have to be rather large to accommodate the larger anatomy and might possibly interfere when they're erect. I also wanted your opinion on doing post op piercings ftm's and mtf. Really, i think you should just do a big article on transgender genital piercings. : ) Thank you for your time and wisdom.

My reply:

Sorry you didn't get a chance to discuss this with me at conference. It is easier to chat than to do it via message, but I'll do my best.

If surgery is planned, I don't know that piercings make sense--depending on how long-term the plan is. If the surgery is to be years in the future, then maybe it makes sense. You might want to consult with a doctor first to make sure you wouldn't be creating a fistula (with the healed piercing) that could be problematic for the surgery at a later date.

I think it could work to go into a respected studio and simply ask for "genital piercing" and request a consultation for it. Then you'd disclose before the pants come off.

I did a pair of "Princess Dianas" on an FTM guy and we decided those are called "Dukes" when they're on a transguy. Other than that, the names don't strike me as overly feminine. You could go with calling it "foreskin" instead of hood, if you prefer.

As far as triangle piercings go, that's still an issue of individual build. Some guys are built for them and some are not. Simply being large isn't the same as being suited. Yes, the jewelry must be commensurately larger, but the style I use fits well to the body. I open a circular barbell so the part going through the piercing is relatively straight, but the jewelry is not too large to fit between the legs comfortably. I haven't had anyone experience problems with it, and I've done a fair number of transguys.

As far as post-op anatomy, I've got experience only with MTF, and it was no problem. The issues relate to scarring, blood supply, and pliability of tissue. Each person needs to be evaluated individually.

I hope that answers your questions.


   I would like to no the side effects of piercing my clitorus my self and directions on were to pierce my clitorus? i am afraid of piecing to wrong place and never being able to enjoy sex again so if you would please email me to let me no the exact way to piercing my clitorus. I have however pierced my tounge my nipple and belly button and nose and lip  and eye brow and ears all the way up so i would like to no how to do this and if you could also tell me how to pierce my husband penis aswell we think it would make our sex lifes great and if you have any advice on that let me no thank your for you time i also need to no were i can get the tools to do it and about how much they would be and how to use these items on a penis. and what kind of medicene i am becoming a nurse so i will be able to take care of the clitours and the penis. ty jackie

Unless there was an unusual amount of scar tissue left where the piercing should be placed, it is not usually a problem to redo a triangle. In fact, frequently any scarring is quite some distance from where the triangle should really be placed. The main consideration is that you're anatomically suited to it.

You would need to stop pumping until the piercing was fully healed. After that, it shouldn't be a problem.

If you would like a free online consult, feel free to send some photos as shown here: http://piercingbible.com/female-genital-piercings#Photos and email them to elayneangel [at] piercingbible. [dot] com.

Hi!  I just read this article, and have a couple of questions for you...


I am a transsexual man who had previously had a triangle piercing, but it was botched by the piercer and had to be removed.  Would it be possible to have it redone, or would that be a bad idea?  Also, I use a penis pump to increase the size of my dick - would I have to stop doing this if I did have the piercing redone?



Unfortunately, there are many varieties of botched triangle piercings that I have seen. So the advisability of repiercing is dependent upon what went wrong, how close it was to where it should have been, and if there is any scar tissue or other problems that might prevent repiercing.

Frequently the botched job is so far from where a triangle should actually go, there's no problem in repiercing (assuming you have it done by someone skillful and qualified to do the job).

As far as pumping goes, you'd definitely need to hold off throughout the healing period, and you would need to be somewhat gentle and definitely pay attention to any signals your body is giving you about the piercing. But eventually you will be able to pump again.

I've actually made a whole page about FTM genital piercings and you can find it here: http://piercingbible.com/ftm-genital-piercingsElayne