VCH Piercings and More

I received this message from a Facebook friend:

Subject: My VCH Hi Elayne, I have been reading your blog - great stuff I love reading it! I am going to get my vch piercing tomorrow! My tongue too! I can't wait! I am so excited, I wish it could be you doing the piercing but you are so far away! I am driving three hours to Halifax, NS to get it done at Adept Tattoo by Amber Thorpe, she has been piercing for 12 years. She says i am in good hands Ive asked around and have gotten good comments about Adept. I am glad to have read your book so I will know what to expect and what to ask. I am not scared of the VCH at all just a bit worried about the tongue swelling, I can do it! I am a strong woman and piercing has helped me to feel free and strong and beautiful! I am hoping these new piercings will help free me more sexually. My first body piercings were done at a ladys house and they are crooked and had a hard time healing. I removed them 6 months ago and waited for them to heal over, thinking i could have them repierced. Then i read your book and I learned that they probably wouldn't heal over they were too old, and they hadn't. So today we put the jewelry back in, even though they are crooked the jewelry looks better than the scars! I have 26 piercings, 11 in each ear, left nipple, bellybutton twice and right eyebrow. I figure 35 will be enough. A few more in my ears and one more in my eyebrow and possibly 2 inner labia piercings too. If you ever do come away over here to Nova Scotia I`ll come to you to have some work done :) There is a awesome tattoo festival in Halifax every year - The Maritime Tattoo Festival; Hope you are having a great day, I`ll let you know how I make out tomorrow. Peace & Love Angel

My reply: Hi Angel, Thanks so much for your message. Well, I'm certainly glad to hear that reading my book has helped to prepare you for your next piercings--and to understand what went wrong with some of the prior ones. Not that it is a contest, but you've just about caught up to me: I've got 40 piercings. : ) Maybe I'll have to check out that Maritime Tattoo Festival some day. My best guess is that I'll find the climate in Nova Scotia a little chilly for my taste. Best of luck with your new piercings! Please let me know how it goes. Elayne

Hello ,


I would like to ask you im thinking about VHC piercing or HHC piercing so genital piercing im pretty close to do it, but i just want to ask if i can take it off for some reason for example when I have to go to the gynecologist and I dont want he to know it cause he is friend of mine friends etc. can I take it off and then put it back there by myself? and another question which one of those piercing hurts more?


Thank you very much for your answer and have a great day :)