New APP Brochures

The Board of Directors for the Association of Professional Piercers met at my home in the Yucatan of Mexico this week (they left yesterday). We had a very productive meeting. One important task that got accomplished is that the new brochures I wrote for the organization have been posted on the Association of Professional Piercers website. Here's the link to one on Jewelry for Initial Piercings, and the other on Jewelry for Healed Piercings. This is material that was never previously available from the APP. You can download a .pdf file of all of the available pamphlets. It is so great to have brochures in print form, too. They can be purchased from the APP office. From the APP website:

All of the brochures are available in PDF form for download. Print versions are available in packs of 100 for $20.00, for sale through the APP office. (You do not need to be an APP member to purchase and distribute them.) If you are a healthcare professional or educator, you can request sample packets or complementary copies. To order, contact the APP office by calling 888 888 1APP, or emailing info [at] safepiercing [dot] org. Download an order form (you can also buy The Piercing Bible from the APP--either retail, or wholesale.)

Downlowad an APP ORDER-FORM