I Wasn't Sure What To Think

When I first saw the headline of a review on this site:

DO NOT Buy The Piercing Bible

It made my stomach drop. I thought I was about to read my first bad review. Then it went on: Do not waste your time buying the Piercing Bible if you have  done over 40,000 piercings, was a medical liaison to the Association of Professional Piercers, and ran the only body piercing studio in the French Quarter in New Orleans for 12 straight years.  Also, do not waste your time buying the Piercing Bible if you simply want to continue sucking at being a piercer or a piercee. And I began to realize that it was actually a very positive review! It went on: If you have done all of the above things, than your name must be Elayne Angel; author of The Piercing Bible and you should probably just ignore this post as it will be completely useless to you. If you answered no to ANY of the above questions and you want to be a better piercer or piercee, than you need to get this book.  Period.  I don’t care if you’ve done 39,999 piercings and this afternoon you’ll hit your 40,000th with that belly button you have booked…you still need to get this book.

I don’t care if you have or have had every inch of skin on your body pierced at one point or another, you need this book. Seasoned pros as well as day-one dingbats can benefit tremendously from the Piercing Bible. Not only is the Piercing Bible rocked with tons of tips for piercers to do their job better than before, it also has advice for the consumer who is receiving the piercing, parents who reluctantly go along with their teenagers wishes for a sweet septum piercing, educators who frown upon your face bling, and the doctors who have to weave around your tongue barbell to stick a tube down your throat (I kinda made that part up). In a nut-shell, the Piercing Bible is fun for the whole damn family. Grab the kids and a bag of chips, sit around the table on family night and pass this book around if you have ever considered giving or receiving a piercing. If your reading is a little rusty, don’t worry…it’s loaded with comprehensive illustrations and photos. Their may even be a nipple shot in there somewhere. All jokes aside, if you’re looking for an authoritative book on piercing from someone that actually knows what they’re talking about, then the Piercing Bible is the ONLY book you should be picking up. There is no other in-depth book exclusively about body piercing. Then they listed all the chapters and concluded with: In short, what you will learn from this book:


  • The BEST piercings and placements for various body parts and body types.
  • Terminology, tools, and techniques of the trade.
  • Vital sterility, sanitation, and hygiene information.
  • Jewelry designs, shapes, and materials.
  • Advice for people with stretch marks,  plastic surgery, and unique anatomy.
  • Healing, aftercare, and troubleshooting for a problem-free piercing.

Once again, if you’re tired of being a subpar piercer or you can’t understand why your piercer wants you out of their piercing room ASAP, than you need to buy the Piercing Bible! It cought me a little off guard but I'm glad I read beyond the headline!

It's one of our all-time best sellers. Thank you for bringing your knowledge to the public!