A New Piercing Question

I've been asked all kinds of questions about body piercing, but this one was a new one to me!

so im looking into getting a belly button piercing. ive done lots of research and want to make sure i know what im doing before i go do it. the thing is, i know weight and things like that arent an issure, but most people have a natural line where they bend from. my line sits right above my actual belly button. where the top part of the jewel would most likely be. i was wondering if that would be a problem or not? thanks for your time :)

I am thinking about getting a double navel piercing, vertically. I am unable to find a ring that will go straight through. I have heard that it is called industrial but only found industrial barbells for the ear. Would that work or no? Also if I decided to put two different rings in it and have the top normal then have the bottom a reverase dangle one would that work out?