Another Great Review!

This great 5-star review was just posted yesterday on on the page where The Piercing Bible is sold. I love his comment that you're bound to learn something from it, no matter how much you know. That's in contrast to my first review that didn't get 5 stars. The 4-star review (also below) feels kind of like a punch in the gut after all of the 5-star reviews. I know 4-stars is still good, and I've already admitted that being a perfectionist is a suitable trait for a career in piercing, but for a writer: not so good. Still, I have to wonder, if experienced piercers have told me they've learned from The Piercing Bible, then it doesn't make sense that an apprentice didn't....

5.0 out of 5 stars complete and informative, May 21, 2009
By Jason Hafendorfer   (Lexington, Ky) -
This is the best source of body piercing information I've ever seen. Elayne is extremely knowledgeable and conveys her expertise very well. This book includes everything from beginning to end. I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of information in it. I mainly bought this book to collect it as I consider Elayne a friend from all the advice she's given me through the years but it never hurts to have information on hand and I have read through most of the's a good read and no matter how much you know or think you know, you're bound to learn something from it.
4.0 out of 5 stars Good for a piercee not an apprentice!, May 18, 2009
By S. Slagle
First off I want to let all know that I am a piercing apprentice and after doing some research on famous piercers or well known piercers, Elayne Angel was among the top and for good reason she has done ALOT of the piercing community. But this book is for those who know absolutely nothing about piercings, and anybody who wants to find something out about their piercing or a piercing they want to get, this is not a step by step instructional book or really a book to learn anything from if your going into piercing. I will say it is very informative for the general public who come into piercing with a queasy stomach or second thoughts on piercings.