In My Hands

I'm SO excited! Guess what I've got? Finally: a copy of The Piercing Bible. For the first time, I've been able to see, hold, and read a finished copy of the book--just like the one you'll get when you place an order. It looks GREAT! The format looks a little bigger than I imagined it, and the color on the cover is tinged with a tad of purple (though I'll admit that I lobbied for a more punchy purple color). Opening up the box...Seeing the books for the first time I opened the box and lifted the book--hefted it really, to feel its pleasant and considerable weight. Smiling, I took a look at the front and back covers, then thumbed through the whole thing and heard the sound of the paper, as I took a big whiff of the fresh paper and ink. I did everything but lick the thing; I wanted (needed, even) to experience my book with every possible sense I have. What a delight! I also got another mini pre-review from one of the reviewers:

I'm half-way through the Bible, and it's fabulous!  Even better than I expected- and I had high expectations!

Oddly enough, now that the book is done and in my publisher's warehouse, has been sending out notices to the people who have placed orders. The notices say that the book won't be shipping until June. I'm not sure why they'd say that (they originally estimated March 17 as the ship date) since the book is done and available? In any case, the best way to get a signed copy is at the APP conference in Las Vegas at the beginning of May.

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