Emu Oil Triumphs Again!

If you've read much of what I've written about piercing, chances are you've run into some mention of emu oil. I think it is fantastic for healing everything, including body piercings (whether new and healing, in the process of stretching, or having a flare up). I got a fantastic email today from a woman who used it to heal her son's burns:
Elayne! I hope things are going superbly down in the Yucatan with your honey. I have to tell you, We miss you!!!! that would be the entire piercing community in the united states. I still wish I had been able to come down to NOLA before you closed and have the honor of having you do my triangle. Thanks to your recommedations, I flew out to Inifinite in Philly and had the esteemed Kevin Jump perform it for me. Its stretched to a 4 gauge and honestly I don't even wear my VCH anymore (although I could and have) because I love my triangle so much! I got the chance to spend the day with Jen and she is just a love! We shared the miseries of the east coast attitude. LOL Anyways, the reason why I am writing to you is different. Not piercing related persay, but related to you. Back in the day when I  was working on piercings and healing I practically absorbed everything you wrote. Including the information about emu oil. I followed every link, I read every article. and thankfully, I did! This past fall, my son was being a stupid teenager. and to make a fairly long story short, he ended up being burned on all four extremities from a spray paint can exploding. The paint was on fire and it stuck to anywhere he had bare skin. He was burned over 30% of his body. He was lifeflighted to Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh and lodged in the pediatric burn ICU. Thankfully he didn't need skin grafts but it was a long agonizing painful process. I will never be able to hear the words "hydro therapy" and think of a spa ever again! Instead what comes to mind is a stainless steel tub and my child's skin being scrubbed off. During that period of time, I thankfully remembered your site and the articles and ordered a large bottle of emu oil to be ready once all the bandages came off and the "slather them down with gunk" phase began. We tried it their way for all of the first day. My son was miserable, anywhere he put his arms and legs down got nasty yucky from the creams and they would rub off very easily. So, after the first day out of bandages and repeated Eucerin and Glucan reapplications, we started on the emu oil, 5 times a day or more depending on if the skin started to get dry. it would absorb in and not leave a nasty mess everywhere. Besides that, we wanted to prove to the burn doctors that there was another treatment avenue available to burn victims that they were not exploring. We applied it religiously and the changes were near miraculous. At his six week post accident visit, we walked in with smiles on our faces and walked out grinning ear to ear. Here's what happened in the middle: We had the entire team, the attendings and residents surrounding my son with repeated queries of...HOW did you DO this??? His skin was completely healed, full thickness. Some discoloration which improves daily but he went from the edge of needing skin grafts and pressure dressings to full thickness full healing with minimal discoloration in SIX WEEKS. We explained to them about the emu oil and the studies and how we discovered it because of you and they were duly impressed and I HOPE have since gone on to use it with other patients. It made a HUGE difference in both my life and more importantly in the life of MY CHILD. Thanks to you. I owe you one, Elayne. Anytime you want to collect, you just let me know. Mona
Wow! What great news! She sent me pictures of his healing progress and it was truly amazing.

Emu Oil is fantastic for stretch marks, I gave my sister a bottle and she's been using Pure Emu oil on her stretch marks for about 2 months now and they are nearly all gone!

[...] was made (along with some very apt criticism of the medical and pharmaceutical industries) on my posting about emu oil. Elayne, I love you! I’ve been in your periphery for many years and I have *never* seen or [...]

Mona, I'm so happy to hear of your son's recovery! Burns are difficult to heal and I applaud you for taking action you knew would be effective even though I'm sure the doctors weren't happy with you.

It never ceases to amaze and infuriate me that our outrageously expensive medical system denies us access to many safe and effective remedies simply because they can't be patented and further enrich the pharmaceutical companies. And some of the things that *can* be patented are subject to ridiculously Puritanical limitations and/or shameful financial abuse. Emu oil, bio-identical hormone replacements, any effective pain control medications, marijuana, human growth hormone and some of the steroids are all essential for healing wounds and burns in a humane manner but if we want these things we have to jump through hoops of varying diameter. Reiki and acupuncture are known to work even on animals where the placebo effect is highly unlikely - but just try to get them in a hospital.

We live in a sick society which dares to call *us* perverted and sick. I can only pray for myself and everyone reading this that we all manage to keep our colorful, pierced butts out of the hands of the professional healers for a long time to come!

Elayne, I love you! I've been in your periphery for many years and I have *never* seen or heard the faintest unpleasant whisper about you. That alone is admirable, but then you have to go and be a skilled, caring and intuitive facilitator for all us perverts . You've earned your wings ten times over!