Cheek Piercings

I received an email from a piercer who wanted to know about the safety of performing "dimple" or cheek piercings:
I have heard horror stories that piercing someone cheeks can hit a wrong nerve on someone. I was wondering if that was true? I was taught that there is no danger in doing this piercing?  Do you have a set measurement that you use on people as to make sure not to do any damage? I'm really uncomfortable performing any sort of piercing if there is a very big risk involved.
I explained that I no longer do cheek piercings due to the WORST complications that ever happened to somebody I pierced. For better or worse, it happened to me. In my book you can read the detailed explanation of why I don't do cheek piercings beyond the first molar. The areas of concern are the parotid duct and gland, rather than a particular nerve. I let her know she might be able to preview the story about it on page 119 of my book here on google books. She called her client who had been interested in getting cheek piercings to decline, and then she emailed me again in understandable frustration:
UHHHHHHHHHHH PEOPLE PISS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! So I called my client back today and told her very nicely that I was no longer offering cheek piercings and explained to her why and even told her about the story in her book..... You know what her response was to this??? "Well do you know anyone else in the area that does them?" ??? WTF!!!!! Hello didn't I just tell you a horror story and explain to you WHAT can happen!!! uhhhhhhhhhh I just don't get people sometimes!!!
We can lead people to good information, but it doesn't mean they'll use it. Or in this case, I can't help thinking, "We can't educate people who don't have half a brain."

i believe there is risk in getting any piercing. its not where you get the piercing its how well you look after it. ive been told by a number of piercers that using iodized salt or anti bacterial soaps or washes can irritate the pierced skin so its safer to use plain sea salt because there are no additives in it.

If you believe you have an infection, you should see a doctor for medical care. If your piercing is merely irritated, that's another matter. Epsom salt is for deep tissue, and is not suggested for use on piercings. It is non-iodized sea salt that should be used on body piercings: mix 1/4 teaspoon to 8 ounces of bottled, boiled, or distilled water and soak the piercing for 5-10 minutes, twice or more per day. In The Piercing Bible there is a whole chapter on troubleshooting and there's also a large section containing details about the saline soaks in a chapter all about appropriate aftercare.

So i've had my belly button piecred for i think now about 5 years. A buddy of mine pierced a star... which added four more to my belly. I have talked to him about the infection that is now there because of me messing with it. He told me not to use peroxide or triple antibiotic ointment. He refered me to Epsom salt. Will everything be ok with my piercing if i keep using this epsom salt stuff.