Isabella Piercing

I received an email through my old Rings of Desire website because this page about female genital piercings still gets a HUGE amount of traffic:

I noticed you don't list the Isabella piercing. Is it because they are too rare? I had one when I was younger and I've got some nerve damage now. Even if you don't have a picture, I think it would be great to provide the info for it and inform people of the damages it can cause. Your site is very helpful. Thank you!

My response: Hi there, Thanks so much for your comments. I'm so sorry to hear you have a bad piercing result. I'd be very interested in learning more about your piercing: who did it, how long did you have it, details about your loss of sensation, etc. I closed my studio Rings of Desire (in New Orleans) after Hurricane Katrina. I moved to the Yucatan and I've written a book: The Piercing Bible. I left my old site up because it still contains good information, but I've applied myself to making the book complete and launching the new blog and website for it. My book contains a warning against Isabella (and other) piercings in the section that begins:

Dangerous Piercing Placements Certain piercings should be avoided altogether because they are inherently risky or rarely heal. However, scores of photos of these placements and others can be found online. Simply because someone is willing to do a piercing on you or has done it on others doesn’t mean it is safe or advisable. Preferring to err on the side of caution, I will not perform the following piercings due to their risky nature: • Isabella (deep clitoral shaft piercing from bottom of the clitoris to the top of the hood) Risks: excessive bleeding and nerve damage

The other risky piercing placements were edited out for the brevity of this response. I think might update my page to include that information. Thanks for writing, Angel

Hi again!  This is Cindy, I emailed you about an hour ago about my VCH that was pierced to my clit.  After more research, it looks as though I have been incorrectly pierced and now have an Isabella.  Im a little nervous due to the caution given about this piercing.  Not to mention that the piercing is going through the middle of my clit.  Im now trying to decide if I should hang in there, let it heal, and see if I will enjoy it.  Or go ahead an remove it.  I certainly do not want nerve damage.

How would I know if I have nerve damage? 

Would it already be damaged..or does that take time?

Is it easiy infected once it heals?  Or are there any other issues that could arise due to this piercing.


Thank you again for your time!  Your site is the most helpful of any that I have seen!  :)