VCH Healing Problems & Inverted Nipples

I received this email recently:

I am considering piercing my breasts. I have inverted nipples however and I am wondering if you feel this would prevent a successful piercing for me. Previously, I had a sternum piercing which rejected. I currently have a VCH, which is still healing.  I assume I must be a slow healer since the VCH was done about four months ago, and I still am doing my salt water soaks to keep it from being sore. I would appreciate any advice or thoughts you might have. My piercing was done by a member of the APP. Thank you again for your time, Dawn

Dawn, My goodness! That is slow healing--the VCH usually heals in closer to 4 weeks, not months! Have you tried changing your VCH jewelry or the care product you're using on it? After that long a period of time, I think something should be changed. Have you considered trying emu oil? It can be very effective for healing problem piercings (and those that are doing well, too). Are you wearing a bar or a ring? What material? I wouldn't say a history of a rejected sternum piercing is indicative a tendency toward troubled healing--surface piercings such as these often have problems. The VCH is another matter. If it is determined that your jewelry is of good quality, the piercing properly placed and cared for, then you simply may not be a good candidate for piercings. Here is a brief section from my book about piercing inverted nipples:

Piercing Inverted Nipples When performed on appropriate candidates, nipple piercing can be a revolutionary cure for inverted nipples. If the tissue can be coaxed out and pinched up, then it can probably be pierced. The jewelry blocks the nipple from returning to its retracted state. However, depending on the force the nipple exerts to return to its original position, the tissue can fight against the jewelry. If this pressure of the skin against the jewelry is too forceful, migration is likely. Rings have a tendency to stand up and salute rather than rest flat against the chest, so barbells are superior. Because of the extra stress placed on the tissue, flexible plastic may be better for healing, and 12 gauge should be considered the minimum rather than 14 gauge, if the tissue is sufficient to accommodate it. The full alteration may not be seen until metal jewelry is inserted later. I wouldn't consider getting your nipples pierced (assuming they can be coaxed out) until a few weeks after the VCH is thoroughly healed and you are not experiencing any tenderness at all. Let me know if you have other questions. Sincerely, Angel

I was wondering about sternum piercings. I have been wanting to get my sternum peirced, not an anchor but surface piercing. Inbetween and slightly above my breasts is sort of fatty (not sure if it is or not, but it's thick), I was wondering about potential rejection. I don't think I want to have it done if it will reject.

Also, I previously had my cheeks pierced, I was not knowledgable about the piercing whatsoever and just did it. The guy ended up piercing me with a 14 gauge, and they were crooked. He corrected the left cheek and on the 4th trry he finally got it straight. I am left with one dimple in my right cheek and scars on both cheeks. Do you know of any way to help break up the scar tissue? I have heard of tea tree oil but I am unsure. Also is it possible to get rid of the dimple on my right cheek? I would love to have my cheeks pierced again but I don't want to have 2 dimples on one cheek.

I would appreciate any advice, thank you so very much.





 Whilst looking online for inverted nipple correction prices I came across alot of comments about having them pierced. Bearing in mind my Left nipple is shy i think and stands to attention when cold etc, but the left is a definate inversion, would you suggest I have them pierced? Ive had lots of tattoos and Always wanted piercing but thought this was impossible in the circumstances.

Ive noticed chat about curved bars or watever they are But surely a longer bar in each would do the trick?

Can you give me an idea of the procedure, what you think of my situ, wat prices I would be looking at and if all the gossip about correction is correct.

Many thanks,

ps, i have no idea what vch means, sorry