VCH Question

Here is an email exchange that started as a comment to one of my other posts:

Hey, I wanted to know if I could ask a question about a VCH that was done MONTHS ago (at least 5) and might be rejecting.How do I know?  Would I be able to send a picture and you tell me.. or can I find a picture online?

My response: You are welcome to email me a photo or two to: [email protected] and I'd be happy to take a look. What problems are you having that make you feel concerned about this? To see photos and a diagram of properly placed VCH piercings go here: and Or, you can watch me do the piercing here. Watch me perform genital piercings Marie wrote again:

I think it was placed well.  I went to Brian Decker, who has a meticulous method of piercing. He autoclaves everything and I've had a few other piercings from him as well. The main issue is that although I'm not certain, I think I may be allergic to piercing metal.  I have had quite a few piercings rejected, but I went to him for my last three and I thought I would be fine. I got my scrumper done (has been fine), my septum (fine also), and also my VCH. I was showering this morning and noticed that it was a bit swollen all around the actual piercing.  I wasn't sure if that was normal. But it doesn't itch, and doesn't hurt either. When I get home form work I will take a few pictures and send them to you. I was going to go to a piercer, but I felt a little self conscious. Then I was going to go to a doctor, but they don't really know much about piercings and would probably tell me t doesn't look good. Thanks again! ~marie

Hi Marie, It is always a good idea to return to your piercer if you have questions or concerns. Though if you send me some photos, I'd be happy to take a look. And, it is true: many doctors do not have training or information to properly deal with piercings. Hopefully, my book, The Piercing Bible, will help them out! Did you heal well at first and then start to experience problems after several months? Most quality body jewelry is very inert. What style are you wearing? Do you know which metal?  If you're really allergic to the metal, then you probably would have had more problems with it during initial healing. One thing that can happen over time is to develop a sensitivity to jewelry if it contains nickel--but generally there will be some itching in such cases. But any time you think you might be reacting to metal, consider switching to bioplast or other inert plastic. (To be continued...)

HI! I am 44, and have been considering a VCH for a while now, and find that most of the research I have done has led me to you or Rings of Desire. I appreciate your expertise, and any time you could give to address my questions. Hubby and I will be attempting the q-tip test today, and I hope to email you a pic of that for your expert advice (if that's ok). I have no real local resources (small midwestern town). 1. How do I determine what size jewelry to buy? I need to use 14k gold (metal allergy issues with anythign else) and assume not all shops carry 14k. Maybe that's a bad assumption, but i'm guessing I'll buy in advance and take it to the shop with me - 2. will i be able to change the jewelry myself (or can my hubby) if i want to increase size, or will i need to return to my piercer? 3. i've heard the phrase "growing out" - what exactly does that mean? I'm guessing it doesn't mean 'stretched' out. 4. are you familiar with iron age tattoo in st. louis? it's about 2hrs from me, but it's the one shop i've heard several people mention as a quality shop for this kind of work. They aren't listed on the APP website, but I've heard numerous good reviews. Have yet to visit in person.

thank you so much for your time! I look forward to hearing from you, and would love to know if you would look at my photos, if hubby can get any good ones!

all best -

- Liz