Nipple Piercing Placement

The Question: Hi, I hope you don't mind my asking a question I'm very concerned with as I've heard you are the best and would trust your advice. I just got my nipples pierced on Saturday. I have flat nipples to begin with, they aren't inverted - just not erect without stimulation or being cold. I did some online research beforehand and from what I read found that it should cause them to stay a little more "perky." The piercer marked saw them flat, in fact she marked them flat and I'm not sure she ever saw them erect. I was so nervous, I didn't even realize that I hadn't gotten to check the markings myself before they were pierced. Now that it's been a few days, I'm noticing something that's irking me. On the right side, one side the CBR seems to come out of the nipple itself, almost at the edge of it at an angle, but on the other side it's further back and seems to be out of the areola or behind the nipple instead. If I look front on in my bathroom mirror they're even and everything, but up close something just doesn't seem... lined up. Aesthetically it's a bit annoying, but what I'm really worried about is if this is going to cause me a bigger problem. More prone to reject, damage to the nipple etc. What should I do? Learn to live with it, or take them out? Could I get it redone later and perhaps get them pierced erect so it lines up better? Or is nipple piercing just not for me? Is this not even an issue? I'm so confused.


My answer: Hi there, I am happy to help you as best I can at this distance. While you do an excellent job of describing the problem, a picture is still worth a thousand words. And without a look at some images, I won't be able to determine whether your piercings are truely improperly placed for your anatomy. Though, a piercing should not come out of the nipple itself--it should be at the base of the nipple where it meets the areola. However, on small or underdeveloped nipples, it is common to have the piercing somewhat into the areola. The piercings do frame and support the nipple tissue, but do not necessarily cause them to remain erect, or even be "perky" at all times. One issue is the fact that you are not happy with the aesthetics. Piercings can't be "moved" or "fixed" per se-- they can only be re-done after jewelry is removed and the hole allowed to close and heal completely. The longer you leave in piercings you're unhappy about, the harder it can be to get them properly positioned (especially if the correct spot is quite nearby the original hole). Are you able to take some clear photos and send them along? I'd be able to evaluate the situation if you can do that. Thanks for your email. Angel