Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing Video

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The video is pixellated, but you can still get a good sense of how quick and smooth the procedure is!

Navel Piercing with Double Gem Jewelry

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In this video I show how I work with the natural creases and lines of the body for the placement. I do this navel piercing from the bottom up because the jewelry has
a gem affixed to the bottom, so it needs to be inserted from that direction.

Elayne Angel Piercing Navel of BBW

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Elayne Angel performs a navel piercing on a BBW. She explains how she determines the optimal position and shows that not all pierced bellies are flat and tanned. When the woman is standing, this appears to be a "traditional" navel piercing, but when she is reclining, the tissue changes position.

From The Piercing Bible:

Navel Piercing: Weight and Weight Loss
Regardless of your weight, if your navel folds in and disappears when you sit down, this is a good reason to select a different piercing. Wearing jewelry on this type of build causes mechanical stresses that guarantee healing complications. If you have a horizontal crease across the area even when you are standing, you are unsuited to navel piercing for the same reason. Some heavy people are still able to get navel piercings because body size isn’t as key a factor as your configuration in the area of the piercing. However, the diminished blood supply caused by excess abdominal fat does make healing more difficult. If you are diabetic and carry excess weight in this area, navel piercings are inadvisable because complications are to be expected and can be more serious.

If you are planning to lose weight, the overall shape of your navel area is still the primary consideration when deciding whether to postpone piercing. A protruding beer belly is generally suited to navel piercing because usually the area gets smaller with weight loss, but maintains the same basic contour.

Elayne Angel Ear Cartilage Piercings: Tragus and Conch

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Elayne Angel, author of The Piercing Bible, performs two ear cartilage piercings. She does a conch piercing using a receiving tube technique (preceded by tissue manipulation), and a tragus piercing using her forceps-and-receiving tube technique.

Elayne Angel Nostril Piercing Video

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In this vieo I demonstrate selecting the optimal location on the anatomy for a nostril piercing, custom-bending a nostril screw to fit the client, and the piercing procedure using a "receptive forceps" technique.

Elayne Angel Septum Piercing

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I did this client's first piercing on his 18th birthday, and his septum piercing 18 years later, on his 36th birthday! How cool!

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