The Piercing Bible Now Available as an eBook

The Piercing Bible hit the shelves in May of 2009, and since that time, I've been begging Random House to release it as an eBook. My wish has finally been granted:

As of February 16, the eBook for The Piercing Bible is available!

You can find it here on

or here on the Sony eReader eBook store

or here for the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook

Chances are, whatever eBook reader you have, there is a version available wherever you usually download books!


For those of you waiting to get pierced by me, rest assured that I will be making plans to continue piercing around the US. Thanks for your patience!

I plan to visit Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia (again), and Albuquerque this year, and I'm not sure where else. If you need a reminder about why I'm worth the wait, please read some of the wonderful feedback I've received on my guestbook.


Thanks to all of the amazing clients I recently pierced in Atlanta and Philadelphia. Special thanks to those of you who traveled from other states (or countries!) to see me!