Elayne Angel Piercing in PHILADELPHIA February 17-20, 2011

I was going to wait until winter is over, but demand has been so high, I'll be returning to pierce at INFINITE BODY PIERCING, ths studio owned by APP President James Weber:

626 South Fourth St.

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Studio: 215.923.7335

Piercing Visit in Philadelphia

For appointments, email me directly at this email address (hit "Reply") or use the contact page. Let me know which piercing(s) you want to get.

If you are interested in female genital piercing, I'll need to do an internet consultation before I can book you an appointment. Please send me some clear, close-up photos as described on this page: http://piercingbible.com/female-genital-piercings#Photos.

Also, let me know which day you'd like to come in, and what approximate time of day between noon and 8 pm.

My most recent piercing visits have booked up completely, so contact me as soon as possible if you're interested in an appointment. I'll pencil you in and then once I can see that you're pierceable, you'll confirm your booking with a deposit.