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Elayne Angel

John M

Elayne, it was a great experience meeting you in LA last month! I had been anticipating getting my PA during the weeks leading up to my appointment, excited and wondering what the whole experience would be like. You were professional, friendly, and put me at ease. It was fast! Just a quick pinch and it was done. Had some bleeding for about 12 hours but having read your book and with your advice just prior to the piercing it was not unexpected and I could manage it OK. Two weeks later it's healing up quite nicely, I'm really enjoying having it. Not sure what I may pierce next but if/when that happens I would be happy to meet you again. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who might be considering a below the neck piercing! Thanks again!


Well...i said i would update on my new nipple piercings and i ended up NOT getting them done, However I did get my conch pierced and I love it. I got it done the first week in January and i have a double ball hoop. I had minor bleeding and the pain was equivalent to any cartilage piercing (IE my cartilage and my rook) I personally. if anyone has any questions regarding (Microdermals,Gential,tongue or ear piercings) Feel free to email me from a clients perspective.

P.S. This website is awesome!!!

Ray V.


I just wanted to thank you again for another absolutely incredible piercing experience!!! I waited nearly 30 years to have my earlobes and labret pierced. I'm sure you were tired of hearing about it, since I mentioned it every time you came to the LA area. Friday's experience was well worth waiting for! Much love and respect, forever and always!


Chuck B

My wife and I both got our first piercings (VCH and PA) on Feb. 1st when Elayne was in Dallas at Obscurities. We came in from out of town and made a weekend of it. We are both delighted with her work! Her friendliness and professionalism immediately relaxed us. It was great to to have the how and why of what she was going to do so clearly explained ahead of time -- also to not have any worries about the jewelry material. It's been two and half weeks now and both of our piercings are healing wonderfully (the emu oil really works). They are already fun (but do follow her instructions) and it's just going to get better. You can just tell when something has been done right.

Thanks again, Elayne....I wouldn't be surprised if we see you again!


Elayne did my triangle piercing almost a year after doing my first piercing which is a VCH. I was very nervous about the triangle piercing given the location and amount of tissue that is being pierced compared to the VCH. I was not a perfect candidate for a triangle but Elayne and I discussed options and likely outcomes before I decided to go ahead with the triangle. While considering my options Elayne so nicely changed my jewelry in my VCH ( love the J curve by the way) and patiently answered my questions while I pondered. When I decided to go ahead Elayne kept me informed of each step so no surprises other than the piercing itself which was a big OUCH for about 3 seconds then done. The first couple days after were a wee bit sore like a bruise but it's been a week and no discomfort now unless I really sit wrong. I'm really happy I decided to go a head and I'm looking forward to trying out how it will , hopefully, enhance my sexual pleasure. Thank you Elayne! Your the best!


Elayne is the best! I met her in Dallas at Obscurities to get my VCH on 2/1/14, and could not be more satisfied! When I first contacted her about setting up an appointment, she was completely booked up, but there was a cancellation and she was able to fit me in! :) She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and professional, and I felt at ease as soon as I walked in. The actual piercing process was so quick, it was over before I knew it! Overall it was painless, except for a slight jolt, but any discomfort was gone after just a few seconds. The cooling pad works wonders haha. My piercing is only a few days old, but it's healing nicely so far! The emu oil seems to be helping tremendously, as well. Thank you SO much Elayne, I love it!


Your site has been very helpful to me. I found it to be very informative and direct. The pictures were a bonus for detail. Thank you for the wonderful information.


I am so grateful to have met and been pierced by you Elayne. You are so informative, relaxed, precise and quick as lightening. The piercings barley hurt. I'm in love with my new matching outer labia set and my VCH. They are beautiful and healing fast. You are a goddess. Thank you for doing what you do and caring so much for every single one of your clients!!!!!I could not have felt any more at ease. My expectations were exceeded:) Thank you so very much!


Hi, I love your website, it is very informative. I would really like to have a VCH piercing and doing my research first. Please come to London, UK! I would feel safe having you do my piercing :)

Lacey x

Hi Lacey, Thanks for the positive feedback. I'd love to pierce you but I work only in the US. But I do have a referral in London on my Piercer Referrals Page:


Hi Elayne, I am writing to thank u for doing my VCH/triangle piercing this past March in Dallas,TX. I loooove it,still can't believe I got it coz it surprises me to this day. U did an awesome job and ya personality is outstanding.Any doubts I had when I walked in Obsecurities,disappeared when I met u. It's been 8 mths now,it healed rather quickly but I continue to take great care of it. I put off wearing pants for the first 6 mths coz I wanted it to heal properly,just started wearing pants again recently and the ring is placed so well,there's no discomfort. Who knew something as minor as getting horny would feel great with that piercing. There times while in a Monday mng meeting at work, professionally dressed(oh!the juxterposition..."if only pple knew what's under this suit."

I looove looove loovvee it,orgasms are great if not mind blowing. I wouldn't have chosen a better person to do it. Oh! by the way I also love the champagne color ring u advised that we use. Ladies/Gents,u can't go wrong with Elayne when it comes to piercings. Elayne I shall certainly spread the word-you're simply the BEST!!!!!!


About 3-4 years ago I went and had my clitoris pierced. Two months ago I had a friend remove it for me(Just to see what it felt like without it again). After removing it, I never got around to putting it back in, since I was unable to do it myself, I left it out. I was concerned about having to get it re-pierced if I was unable to go have it put back in so I found Elayne's site by google and emailed her opinion on what to do. She was quick and efficient in her reply, making me more comfortable. I ended up going to my local Tattoo/Piercing where I have gone before for Tattoo's. I explained my situation in within the hour I was taken care of. The piercer was able with 2 small pushes to put my ring back in. I believe I am at a 14 or 16 gauge and changed the balls on my barbell to bigger ones. While there I also was able to put my tongue ring back in after having it out since February 2013. I first got my tongue pierced in July 2006 and this was my third time putting it back in without re-piercing.

Thank You Elayne for giving me the extra push to procedure with my piercing! If anyone has any questions about my piercings from a clients perspective please feel free to email. I have my Rook, tongue and clitoris and previously a microdermal in my shoulder that I removed about 2 years ago. I will be getting my nipples done in the next two weeks. I will gladly update my experience


I recently had my nose pierced and was concerned about the placement, so I contacted Elayne for an anatomy consultation. I sent her several pictures of my piercing and she was very quick to respond, very professional and SO sweet. She marked one of my pictures with lines to show what she describes as the “pleasing triangle” and she also included additional information and a diagram regarding placement. Lucky for me, she said my piercing is well placed for my anatomy! Seeing the markings on my picture along with all of the additional information that she gave me definitely put my mind at ease about my piercing. I was also experiencing some redness around the piercing and she sent me information, recommendations and links regarding aftercare and helped to set me on a better healing path. Thank you Elayne, you are wonderful!!


I wrote Elayne a couple years ago with questions about a vch. She got back to me promptly with so much information and was so helpful! I live in Northern California and she referred me to Cold Steel in San Francisco where I saw Becky Dill. I will only ever see Becky now for all piercing needs and desires. She is sweet, professional and made me feel so comfortable. She really knows what she is doing and that gave me so much confidence. I'm so grateful to Elayne for the referral and all her time and knowledge and to Becky for being awesome. Thanks guys! Love my vch!!


Well, what can I say?! Elayne Angel is the BEST! I met her at Infinite Piercing in Philly on 11/16/13 for a VCH piercing. (This was something I really want to do for a long time but to afraid to do). Anywhoo, Elayne was amazing! She made me feel very comfortable about the decision I had made. She was very knowledgeabe, professional, patient and gentle which was really needed, because I was extremely afraid. She truly cares more about your overall health and well being as opposed to a "hard" sale. She is truly gifted and kind!! Thanks Elayne!! Oh, FYI, the EMU oil is an amazing healing oil for the VCH!! LOVE IT!!

Kim F.

Having previously left a message on this guestbook after Elayne gave me an anatomy consultation in July, I had to come back and tell all of you how amazing it was to be pierced by this fantastic woman! I arranged to see Elayne during her visit to Infinite in Philly on 11/14/13 with hopes that she could fulfill my wish of a VCH. When I got to the shop, and met Elayne, I knew that I was in for a wonderful experience!

Since I had decided to get my nipples done as well, I removed my top and bra so that Elayne could tell me what she thought. I've been blessed with fairly prominent nipples, so it took no time at all for Elayne to mark and prep me. When the actual piercing time came it was intense for a few moments, then it was over! Elayne had both in so quickly I was mostly just stunned instead of in excruciating pain. My nipples look gorgeous, and I'm so honored to have had Elayne do this for me!

In closing, I just want to say that Elayne counseled me to not get a VCH because she worried that my tissue might not be sturdy enough. I held a mirror while she thoroughly explained my genital piercing options, and remarkably I'm actually eligible for a Triange piercing! Elayne then told me that it was ok for me to wait on the Triangle since both nipples in one day was more than enough. This alone is why I trust Elayne! Although she barely knew me, she cared about my wellbeing, and loves her work so much!

Anyone thinking of being pierced by Elayne should do it! I will certainly be back!

Thanks Elayne!!!


Elayne was so wonderful to me when I went to her for a consultation on a nipple piercing gone wrong. She calmed me down and gave me clear instructions on the best path forward. She was understanding and very knowledgable about what to do. She took the time to ask me for more information to give me a better answer to my questions, and always responded incredibly quickly. I am so glad I went to her for advice! Thank you so much, Elayne!!


Elayne - you are fantastic!! Thank you so much for your assistance long distance as I sorted out my nipple piercing problem. I was so afraid I was going to have to abandon the piercings. Your information on quality jewelry was enlightening...After having the nipple piercings heal very well two months ahead of schedule I was surprised when I began to have issues. Only after talking with you did it make sense that the most problems occurred after I got new jewelry placed. I am frustrated I was sold inferior jewelry, at superior prices I might add, when I visited the shop I bought them from while traveling. Now that the original piercing barbells are back in things feel SO much better and are healing nicely. Thank you again for being a rock star and knowing your stuff! Will see you again soon ~


I had been thinking about getting a VCH for a long time. When i finally Moved for college i knew this was the perfect time! I was doing research and found PIERCINGBIBLE. Not only was the website legit and helpful, but Elayne answered promptly and professionally to any additional questions i might've had. I then looked under her referrals and ended up in a shop she had suggested called Immaculate piercings in South Carolina. i made an appointment and BAM! i had a VCH. My piercer was AMAZING! She walked me through the whole thing and eased my nerves. The shop was clean and i had an amazing experience. All i felt was a sharp pinch! It's been about a month and a half now. My piecing was done RIGHT, and effectively. Im soooooo glad i found such a helpful resource-- or this could've been disastrous instead of pleasurable!



Hey =) I love your site and been looking around like an crazy person. =) My husband is doing tattoo and I would like to start doing Piercing. I am wondering if you would have time to just let me know some basics about the needle and jewellery to use. As in said, have a slightly larger needle for the jewellery? And such.

Would be so greatful =) Jessica

Hi Jessica, If you have an interest in becoming a professional piercer, and you haven't already done so, I would absolutely recommend that you read my book as your next step.Every page will have useful and helpful information, and everything in there is something you will ultimately need to know. I can say I'd be surprised if you didn't think it was the best $20. you ever spent toward learning about body piercing.

If you'd like to see me performing piercings, and demonstrating exactly where they should be placed, I've got videos available here:


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