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Elayne Angel


I recently visited Tiffany Diamond at Lady Luck Tattoo in Waterford, Michigan. I found her on your piercer referrals tab. I drove an hour to have her pierce my nipples. She was professional and considerate and very knowledgeable. I had gotten a VCH from somewhere else and had a feeling it may have been in the wrong spot and I asked if she would take a look and she did confirm suspicions. I knew I should have went to her in the first place. She used a drawing to show me the placement it should have been in. I removed it and I will be visiting her again in 4 weeks to have that redone. I couldnt have been more pleased with her. Very nice shop! I highly recommend if you are in Michigan visit Tiffany Diamond at Lady Luck! She Rocks!

Kelby Johnson

Hi Elayne, I was recently pierced by a piercer named Allison who was taught by you in a class you gave as well as she had a personalized autographed copy of your book. I am in Northern Ohio and never dreamed I would find a piercer that knew you personally by acccident! My regular piercer was out on maternity leave and Allison is there in her place. After learning she was taught by you and she showed me her (well used) copy of The Piercing Bible, I felt very comfortable!

I got the VCH piercing and let me say, it's been 8 days and I am in love!!! I can't thank you enough for your website which I have been on almost constantly since having it done and all the information in your blog. You are an amazing woman!!! THANK YOU!

Mike Adam

This "Bible" is a MUST read for any and all that are either piercing now, future piercees, or those that have any questions or just a desire to learn more about the wonderful, exciting world of body piercing.Written in a straight forward style by the Maven of body piercing, Elayne Angel. Specifically the genitalia applications. I was very impressed with all aspects of the publication. Well organized, very informative. Written in a manner, that most anyone will be able to understand. Anyone that has any comprehensive reading skills at all. I have no doubts that it will find it's way onto the shelf of any reputable piercer and/or his shop.


I was so excited to learn that Elayne was going to be in Atlanta that i planned this visit for more than 2 months! This visit went smooth, was very pleasant and informative and I got to see a true professional in action. I'm so thrilled to see Elayne has encouraged so many to step up to the plate and be proactive with education and sanitation. What an inspiration she is! Wonderful woman with a beautiful personality and an absolutely comforting bedside manner. Thank you Elayne!

Susan Ferrell

I want to Thank you again. My experience was amazing. Thank you for everything.. I will be flying to see you again.


Yes!!! Finally got a VCH and two inner labia piercings by Elayne Angel during her recent visit to Atlanta. She is an enchanting petite woman with gorgeous art-work and brilliant piercings, as soon as I saw her I gave her a hug and she hugged me back :), I was so excited to meet her. I have to admit that I was nervous at first, but Elayne made me totally comfortable. She is very professional and she has an amazing and sweet personality, completely put me at ease.

As far as the piercing, it just felt like a quick pinch and then she soothed the area with a cool cloth immediately afterwards:). She is very easy to talk to and she answered all of my rambling questions (lol). I read Elayne's blog before I got my VCH done and the posting about a woman reclaiming her body by getting pierced was especially touching, I cried when I read it at home and even cried at the piercing shop after she had completed my piercings. I commend Elayne for helping people to overcome such a sensitive situation and adding that posting to her blog. Wow! I never thought it would evoke so many strong emotions, and Elayne was great and so understanding :). I gave her a hug when I left and I can't wait for her to come back to ATL! (I even asked her to move here lol!) I will try to get pierced by her every time she comes back to visit :). I LOVE my new piercings!!!

If you're considering getting pierced, then ask Elayne's advice, buy the book because it has alot of information that you will definitely need, and get pierced by her, she is absolutely the best, hands down, and beautiful inside and out, I honestly don't think you can find anyone like her anywhere else. She has so many great qualities that many piercees desire in a piercer. When you meet her you can tell that she is a genuine person and that she really loves her profession. I don't have any pain,swelling, or discomfort and I can barely tell the piercings are there at all until I look at them. My experience was excellent, and yes, I would do it over again. I HIGHLY recommend her. The piercings she performed on me are absolutely exquisite, Thank you soo much :)!!! ~C


after many months of research. i came across this website and the ifo was amazing. i emailed Elayne and and she referred me to Bink in Tallahassee Florida. i live close by and it was a amazing experience. Not only did i feel comfy i was impressed with His level of experience. also a Rn and that was good for me to know since i had a VCH done. the business was clean and sterile and the people very nice. Bink was so gentle and calm and it made me feel at ease. i was pierced in seconds and after leaving i knew it was the right choice. THANKS TO ELAYNE FOR THE REFERRAL!!!!!!

Mike Gibbs

This book is amazing. By far the most informative literature on piercings. Thank you Elayne.

Carol Hazle

For all those wannabe body modifiers out there, what are you waiting for? Well, the first thing you should do is purchase a copy of Elayne Angel's book "The Piercing Bible". Some of the most expensive lessons in life are gained through trial and error because of a lack of information, knowledge or education.

For the small price of $25 or less, you can obtain the wisdom of one of the preeminent piercer's of modern times! "The Piercing Bible" is a well constructed book that informs the uneducated, or even undecided piercee what they need to know prior to letting a piercer put his or her hands on you, what to expect after.

Elayne's book covers piercing from A-Z. Elayne initially covers such topics as piercer's motivations, piercing history, myths, and whether piercing is right for you. She then moves on to how to pick the right studio, preparations, and what to expect during the piercing process. And finally, Elayne covers "Jewelry 101", healing and aftercare, stretching, and living with your piercings. Elayne has an easy to read style, and the sidebars have great historical & educational significance.

It became very apparent to me that Elayne loves the art form of piercing and her desire to educate and inform us is her motivation for writing this book. Elayne is a pioneer in the industry and has personally invented many of the piercings currently being preformed in studios around the world. Her descriptions and illustrations of each type of piercing are an endless source of reference material for the individual seeking all types of piercing body modifications.

Additionally, though I have not met her in person, I have to tell you that she seems to be one special person. How many authors, or so called experts, will take the time to actually correspond with you? Elayne personally answers her email, and gives her options regarding your anatomy for certain types of piercing, and freely gives out referrals to local studios she knows are among the finest available.

Elayne makes you feel like she is your friend. Her knowledge is unquestionable, and she is a great person.

I recommend you support her with a purchase of her book.


Okay, so my first thing is that I wanted an APP certified shop, and this one is. I especially wanted that because I was getting a VCH piercing. Other than my ears (two holes done with piercing guns at a mall) I have never had any other piercings. After weeks of looking online at the piercing bible website, and reading reviews on shops, I chose Virtue and Vice in Atlanta GA. (A shop that Elayne Angel refers people to)

The consultation to make sure I was anatomically suited for the piercing took about 2 minutes, and the actual piercing (sterilization, piercing, inserting jewelry) took less than 2 minutes. They show you that every tool is sterilized, (using a StatimClave) and the shop is clean and well kept. They also have a wide selection of jewelry.

I'm on day two of having my piercing and it doesn't even hurt. I'll definitely be going back there again! (April Johnson was my piercer) I put inexpensive as the price, because for what you are getting, it's totally worth it. They have a full list of prices on their website. The piercing I got (VCH) was a $45 piercing, and the jewelry is $10 and up. You can probably go somewhere cheaper, BUT it won't be worth it.... AT ALL. You won't get the same technique or same level of sanitation somewhere else, You also won't have the same peace of mind that your piercing was done correctly.

Great feedback about a great studio, and they deserve it! Just a point of semantics, but the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) is not a certifying agency. We are a non-profit educational organization with members who meet certain personal criteria, (such as training in bloodborne pathogens exposure and certification in CPR/First Aid), and environmental criteria. Plus they use quality body jewelry that meets certain standards for biocompatiblity. You can find more information on the APP website:

Jamie M.

I've always wanted a VCH piercing, but unlike getting your ears pierced, it's not a body part I will entrust to any random shop-if your ear or nose is pierced wrong, it's a redo......but VCH? That's sacred territory, so I had to make sure I was going to have no regrets and get it done right the first time. I research doctors, waxers and hairstylists before using them-why not piercers? I am a perfectionist. I want the best.

Elayne Angels name kept coming up online. I am new to the "unconventional"piercing scene. No tattoos, only ears pierced, so I can't just start up a casual conversation about recommendations, my conservative friends would think I had lost my mind! After reading her site thoroughly, I came to the decision that she was the "chosen one"! If I could be was October and she wasn't coming to Los Angeles til 2012. To top it off, after reading "The Piercing Bible", I decided a "triangle" sounded like something I wanted as well-didn't even know it existed til now-but if a piercing in the right spot can give me mind blowing feelings.....sign me up!

It was tough as patience is not my strong suit. Several times I almost cracked and let a local shop pierce me. I In November, I had my nipples pierced locally-and as I suspected......everytime I look in the mirror, I'm convinced the right side is crooked. Drives me nuts! But a confirmation that waiting for Elayne is the right decision! No way I'm letting anyone mess up this magical area-I will not look in the mirror everyday and wish I had it "done right" or even worse, jeopardize and sensations that go on in that area....which was part of my motivation in the first place.

I'm rambling.....flash forward to January 28th. The big day is finally here. I've saved all my penny's, but tell myself as in all aspects of life, you get what you pay for. Having already secured the $100 deposit, if suited for the 2nd piercing, all I need to do now, was chose jewlery-what girl doesn't like that? Prix was sooooo clean, I felt like I was there for a pap smear instead of a piercing-it's that sterile. Elayne has obviously done this a bizillion times, and her confidence makes you immediately at ease. As luck would have it, I was anatomically suited for both the VCH and the Triangle. So as Elayne sterilized the equipment, I had a brief "OMFG-what have I done?" moment-in my head only! After a few deep breathes, I focused and reminded myself of the end results and the game was on! She talked me through the whole process, told me exactly what I would feel and I won't lie -it hurt-but just like Elayne said-only a brief, sharp pinch, then she put a cooling towel on me and it was on to the next piercing. The whole process was fast, clean and as comfortable as possible. I went that night to see "Wicked" and had no pain, bleeding or any discomfort from sitting for long periods.

It's been almost 2 weeks now and I'm 100% satisfied. My only regret is not choosing the jewlery with pink stones on both ends-but that is changeable. I have 0 pain. The piercings look adorable, my husband loves how they sparkle. It's fun to have a little secret that only the two of us know about. The new sensations as a result of the piercings make it exciting as it heals. It is a huge relief to not worry that it's not healing right or in the right position. Just this peace of mind makes it worth every penny spent.


Elaine, I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you so much for your piercing bible. I found it last October, and read it cover to cover before finally deciding on a triangle peircing. I did it yesterday at 23rd st body piercing, in oklahoma city. I see why you recommend them, their facility was a clean, comfortable, inviting and friendly invironment. The piercer there was thorough, explaining the technical and thoroughly checked to make sure my anatomy was well suited before even agreeing to do it. Once convinced I knew and understood what I was asking for and that I was in fact well suited, the process was fairly painless. I now have a beautiful piercing that looks just like your examples of a proper triangle piercing and is quite comfortable for a fresh piercing. Without your book, I never would have attempted this. It has been a very liberating experience for me, and was a tremendous step in reclaiming my body as my own. Since my rape in 2009 I have felt like a stranger in my body, yet this morning while looking at my peircing I actually smiled. :) I finally feel like I have tangible proof that I have stepped past that event and it will no longer be able to define who I am. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I may not have the pleasure of ever getting to know you personally, but you have given me a greater gift than you could ever imagine.


Hi Elayne

just a very big thank you, for your experience and passion for what you do.I am very glad i waited a good while to get my piercings done by is a long way from West Hollywood!!!Im healing wonderfully and honestly i never doubted it!You are a pro in your own right in every way possible and i would take another long trip any day if im ever to get another piercing.Great job

Deanna Duong

Hi Elayne, I would like to thank you for the wonderful piercing experience in West Hollywood today (technically yesterday since it's after midnight now). I came across your site as I was searching piercing on google and it brought me here. I am glad that I came across your site and had lots of questions for you. You answered all of my questions in a very timely manner. As soon as I found out that you were going to be in Los Angeles, I just had to get a piercing done by you. I was super nervous and anxious to get my VCH pierced, but you helped calm my nervous by letting me know exactly what you were doing. The initial piercing hurt as I flinched and let out a loud OW! But after the piercing, the pain was nearly gone. She gives you all the instructions you need to know and if you have any questions to email her. I ordered her book and it opened my eyes to so many things I never knew before. I would totally recommend her book to anyone and recommend Elayne to anyone looking for a wonderful piercer. I can't wait for her to come back to LA again in the future, so I can get another piercing done by her. :)


Hello! I emailed you 3 weeks ago about my VCH piercing and what I suspected was granulation tissue. You asked me to let you know how my treatment turned out. For 3 weeks I applied tea tree oil, twice daily. The change was fairly dramatic. The piece of tissue was long enough that it protruded out from under my hood next to the bottom ball of my piercing. Within a week it had shrunk to half that size. Two weeks later, the last piece of tissue fell off and the red bump on the outside of the piercing is now completely healed. When the last piece of granulation tissue fell off, it bled a tiny bit. I used a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding and everything looks 100 percent now. I'll be leaving it alone for a couple more weeks to ensure that it's fully healed. But I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the results. And I wanted to thank you for being so reassuring. I was pretty bummed that I might lose the piercing, but you gave me the confidence to hang in there and be patient. Thank you!


I just wanted to send you a quick thank you. I reciently drove almost 100 miles to visit Marc at Piercing Emporium, in Worchester MA. He was very professional, kind, and respectful. He took the time to answer all my questions big and small. He made me feel very comfortable every step of the way. I had a vertical hood piercing done. It looks beautiful. Again thanks for your information and your referrals. Bonnie


Thank you so much for your site! This information is extremely valuable and highly needed for everyone in the piercing community. I have had several piercings done; including the VCH and tongue(which were both pierced twice, as I removed them the first time I had them done), the navel, both nipples, my tragus, nostril, and four cartilage piercings in each ear. I believe that both my VCH piercings were done correctly but I am going to send you a picture to be extra sure. I really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise with the world.



I love your site. I have been thinking about getting my clit done but couldnt figure out how to test to see if it was a good idea. and your information helped. and i love your work you are amazing. thanks so much.

Dylan Lowery

It has been one year since i purchased The Piercing Bible, and even now, every time i read it, it astounds me how knowledgeable, experienced, informative, and personal Elayne Angel is in her writing. I am 19 years old, and after graduating high school and being disqualified from the military because of health issues, i was completely lost in what i wanted to do with my future. That is until one day a friend persuaded me to get my tongue done for my birthday. It was painful, almost got infected to the point of having to take it out, and even incorrectly placed. Not even a day later and after searching the internet for hours, i found and purchased Elaynes book from amazon. Now, my tongue is doing fine, although still quite crooked, and i even have a few new piercings. After reading her book, i have yet to find anything in this world that i am as passionate about than body piercings. I would do anything it took to find a good trustworthy piercer to take me on as an apprentice, and i hope one day i will get to meet Elayne Angel in person. Thank you Elayne!!! You gave my life direction again!!!


Well, Peter, I am 53 years old and I wanted the best of the best to pierce me, and fortunately for me, Elayne was in town when I decided to pierce my nose. I am so impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, expertise, and commitment to provide a sterile environment in which to practice. Not to mention, it was virtually painless, I had NO problem healing, and, it looks really cute! I also bought her book that same day and have found it to be most informative. Thanks Elayne, and Buck! If I ever get another piercing, it will be done by Elayne. She is the BEST!To watch her pierce my nostril, go to this link:

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