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Elayne Angel


Hi Elayne!

It was nice meeting you yesterday! You, and the staff at Infinite Body Piercing, made me feel welcome and very comfortable! I was a little nervous about getting pierced but your inviting and friendly personality put me at ease! I am very happy with my VCH piercing. I have no discomfort and I honestly don't even know its there!

Thanks again!


Thank you so much for doing my VCH piercing yesterday. Getting my piercing done by you was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Your tenderness coupled with your professionalism has me screaming "GO GET PIERCED BY ELAYNE!" from the rooftops. You are amazingly down to earth and while I was hopelessly star struck (and still am) you and the piercing were not in the least bit intimidating. I spent the rest of the day talking my boyfriend's ear off about how comfortable I was and how great the piercing feels already. I can't wait until it's healed, and neither can he ;-) Thank you for all of your hard work and if I ever decide to get anymore piercings, you will be the first person I think of.


Thank you so much for placing Julie of Cold Steel in Camden, London UK on your referrals page!

In March this year I received an improperly placed VCH piercing. I had attempted to do some research beforehand and found some online reviews for a place in Croydon, London, which in actual fact I had visited years before to have my tongue pierced (although they were now in "new" premises and were not the same staff that had worked there previously).

The reviews were pretty glowing about the studios ability to perform proper VCH piercings, with one girl even saying how she went to see them with a botched VCH piercing herself which they fixed for her! Her comments incuded how "the staff at X piercing" only use nrt's, and her original botched piercing was performed with clamps which this studio never use etc.. Sounds like a good review so far possibly, right?

So off I went, and the female piercer did indeed use clamps. I should have known right away to just get out but I didn't. I thought surely if they have had some good reviews about proper procedures I should trust their experience. The female piercer herself said that she had a VCH so has been in my position, and not to worry etc...

I took home a surface piercing too shallow into my hood and to say I was crestfallen was an understatement. I even had a cry about it as I was £49.50 worse off and knew I had to go through the pain all over again, but with no guarantee I could trust anyones recommendation, seen as online views were all I had to go on, and they weren't worth believing in my experience so far!

Thank goodness I found your online page. Your descriptions on VCH piercings and how to spot if they are done improperly was amazing. It had only been 6 days since my piercing and after reading your page and blog, I knew i had to get a second opinion and get it done again.

After seeing your recommendations page, I duly went to visit Julie at Cold Steel in Camden the very next day for a second opinion. She was lovely on the phone and even lovelier in person. I told her what had happened and how upset I was over it, and when she took a look she agreed that it wasn't right.

She wanted to place an NRT into my hood to see if it would travel past the piercing and deeper into my hood, seen as she couldn't see that well due to a little swelling. And of course it travelled way up past where the exit of the jewellery actually was. I could feel the distance between my piercing and the apex of my hood and I was actually shocked.

She said I was fine to have a proper VCH and had no idea why someone would use clamps on my anatomy. On her advice I removed the jewellery that day and came back to see her 3 week later to have it done again.

It has now been 3 weeks since I have had my hood re-pierced and I can confidently say that I couldn't be happier with my result! She was lovely and spent a lot of time explaining the whole situation to me.

I will be messaging her separately to say thank you and to say how grateful I was to her for helping me. I wanted to wait these weeks until I knew things were fine before I said anything. But honestly the healing has been textbook, no discomfort at all and it's placed in a way that makes me very happy!

If you hadn't put her name on your recommendations page, I would have felt very unconfident about trusting anyone to pierce me again, seen as it's so common for them do be done wrong. I am just so thankful to you for letting me know about her, and wanted to let you know I have had a positive experience with her. You have done me the greatest service by having her name here for me to see. And to cap it all off, she charged less than the first studio did!

Of course I risk sounding like everyone who has ever seen your page after a botched VCH but I wish I had seen your page first.

I just thought that seen as you agree to put your name to their ability, you would want to hear that these individual piercers are still doing a good job, just like anyone on here that ends up doing a not-so-good job.

And to anyone else looking for online reviews on Piercing shops to help you decide where to go, please do BEWARE where you end up choosing to go, seriously. I found the best online reviews you could get and still ended up with a botched piercing. If you can get to any piercers named on Elaynes list, take the time and money to visit them even if it seems like hassle. I ended up paying twice the price and experiencing twice the pain, and even then some people aren't as lucky and you could come out much worse!

All the best XxXx


Thank you for providing so much information about genital piercings. I used t think that genital piercings "weren't for me" but after reading through your website and doing some additional research, I have decided I want a VCH piercing. I am really hoping to be able to see you when you are in Philadelphia.


The Piercing Bible is fun, informative, and a pleasure to read! Anything and everything you need to know about piercing and body jewelry is in those pages. I was through it in two days, and sad there wasn't more! Thanks to Elayne for providing such a wonderful resource for both seasoned and newbie pierces!

Sarah Piercings: 6 lobe, 2 helix, navel ^^


Admiring the dedication you put into your blog and in depth information you provide. It's good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same out of date rehashed material. Great read! I've saved your site and I'm adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.


Thank you so much for providing such and informative website. I have always thought about getting my clit pierced, but it was one of those things just a thought, something that sounds cool, but that I would not actually do. Well, I finally got to a point where I said why not. Did some research and came across your website. It explained everything, and all the different types of genital piercings. After reading up on everything I was well informed, and was able to make a confident decision on the VCH.

I utilized your referral piercers page and made the trip to Seattle (nearest one to me) and visited Chuck at Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor. Really I checked out their website which was also very informative, then emailed Chuck to ask questions and schedule an appointment. She was very professional via communication, and during my piercing appointment. Chuck was amazing. Treated it just like any other day (which really is just another day for her), but for those getting a VCH, I was quite nervous and excited at the same time. She eased my nerves and explained everything she did before she did it and as she was doing it. My husband also came with me. She was very kind and made the situation very comfortable. The room was clean, and all of her tools were sterilized. The piercing itself was definitely a startling and sharp pinch, but after the initial pinch did not hurt much at all. It tingled a bit when the jewelry was placed, and a little after that when walking but it didn't hurt. I was very surprised at how quick the piercing healed. I got my VCH little over a week ago, and there is no pain at all to touch. I was worried about not being able to have sex after getting this VCH, and personally I was able to have sex the day after my piercing, with no pain at all. Of course taking the recommended precaution. I followed Chucks instructions of care to the t, and everything is healing wonderfully.

I am very happy to have made the decision to get my VCH pierced, and even happier to have come across the site, and partake in the piercer referrals that Elayne provided... I would definitely recommend using the referrals provided on Elayne's site! It was definitely worth the drive for me, to ensure safety. :)

Congratulation on your new piercing. I'm so glad to hear that you had a great experience with Chuck in Seattle--she is wonderful!

People may notice my referrals list is rather short, but I am very selective about the piercers I recommend. The link is in the right column navigation "Piercer Referrals."



Thank you so much for your informative site!! I often reference it & refer others to it also. I recently had the opportunity to be pierced by Becky of Cold Steel in San Francisco. This was back in Sept. at the Folsom Street Fair 2011. I decided to go big & get both my nipples & a VCH piercing as my first body piercings!! I had a wonderful experience with both Becky & Paul. They were both very personable and informative. They made the experience safe, clean, and comfortable despite the fact that I was pierced in a tent at a street fair of all places. Your website has also provided me with the knowledge I needed to find other skilled, professional piercers closer to home. It is very comforting to know that you are in good hands, esp for those intimate piercings. Thank you for your book & your contributions to the piercing community. :)


I just wanted to comment on how great and helpful the referral page was! I went to see John C. Johnson in Long Beach for a VCH. He's one of the closest referrals to me (an hour's drive) and I'm not sure I could have found a better person close to me. I've been looking into the VCH for over a year now and I was not about to let just anyone near me with a needle down there! But after looking at his website I felt really confident about him- he is currently the elected VP of the APP, so you know he's up to date on all safety and health stuff. I wasn't going to bring anyone with me (or really even mention it to anyone since I got it for me and not anyone else) so it was very important to me that I feel comfortable to go by myself. He was very nice and polite and the pain was over before I knew it. I got lost on the way there making my trip there a total of a 3 hour drive, but when I called him he gave me directions and even offered to look up my location on the computer.

Because of this site, I was able to ask all of the right questions until I could find someone who gave me all of the right answers (if you find someone who doesn't use a NRT for the VCH, then you need to run away and find someone else who does- try the referrals page here!). Because of that, my piercing is a great success! Looking at it I'm confident that it was done well and right (it's straight and placed correctly). I've only had it since this past Thursday (which to my surprise turned out to be International Women's Day- what a fun way to celebrate!) but it's doing great. I haven't had any issues.

Everything worked out great because of this site and the referrals page! If you're looking for a piercer in your area, try the referrals page. John is an hours drive from me, but it was well worth it. Even when I got lost driving there AND home making what should have been a 2 hour trip 5 hours in total... but that was my fault. And it was still worth it!

P.S. If you're thinking about a hood piercing, personally for me it hurt less than the navel piercing did but was obviously in a more sensitive area and was more abrupt. But it's been worth it.

Eric James

I can only echo the value of The Piercing Bible. It is recommended reading for everyone interested in piercing.


I just wanted to leave some notes about my experience with Eric at Obscurities in Dallas!

The piercing room was clean, he wore a surgical mask, made sure that I was clean and ready. He autoclaved everything AND my VCH jewlery (he had to take it out to examine me and pierce me). He made sure I knew about how intense the Triangle piercing was going to be compared to my VCH but also allayed my fears. The entire piercing process itself was a breeze. I wouldn't even consider it pain - it was just INTENSE. But the intensity only lasted maybe two seconds before I was back to normal. I will almost venture to say that my Triangle was less painful than my VCH! I already felt back to normal when I was on the piercing table, and he made sure to tuck it for me and explain sex, oral sex, and aftercare to me.

Although it was the first time I had ever been to this piercer, I trusted him with my lady bits. He was knowledgable, experienced and easy to talk to. You even came up in our conversation! He let me know about what he was doing and why. It was a wonderful experience. I can honestly say I would get a triangle over and over again with no fear. I plan on coming back to him for any of my future piercings!

Sarah Mc.

As I was beginning my apprenticeship, I noticed The Piercing Bible sitting on the book shelf in our shop. I began reading through it on our downtime, and quickly decided that I needed to purchase my own copy for home. I took notes, I tagged pages, and I read it through twice! To this day, I will still go back and check my notes to make sure that I am giving the right advice to my customers. I am so thankful for this book, for helping me become comfortable, confident, and even more passionate about work. I have had so many customers thank me for educating them about a specific piercing, and for even telling them when the piercing that they want just isn't practical for their body (and suggesting to them what may work better!) I recommend this book to anyone thinking about being pierced, and for anyone aspiring to become a safe and educated body piercer! Elayne, thank you. You are truly and inspiration.

Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback. I really appreciate it! I'm so glad my book has been helpful to you and your clients!


I recently visited Tiffany Diamond at Lady Luck Tattoo in Waterford, Michigan. I found her on your piercer referrals tab. I drove an hour to have her pierce my nipples. She was professional and considerate and very knowledgeable. I had gotten a VCH from somewhere else and had a feeling it may have been in the wrong spot and I asked if she would take a look and she did confirm suspicions. I knew I should have went to her in the first place. She used a drawing to show me the placement it should have been in. I removed it and I will be visiting her again in 4 weeks to have that redone. I couldnt have been more pleased with her. Very nice shop! I highly recommend if you are in Michigan visit Tiffany Diamond at Lady Luck! She Rocks!

Kelby Johnson

Hi Elayne, I was recently pierced by a piercer named Allison who was taught by you in a class you gave as well as she had a personalized autographed copy of your book. I am in Northern Ohio and never dreamed I would find a piercer that knew you personally by acccident! My regular piercer was out on maternity leave and Allison is there in her place. After learning she was taught by you and she showed me her (well used) copy of The Piercing Bible, I felt very comfortable!

I got the VCH piercing and let me say, it's been 8 days and I am in love!!! I can't thank you enough for your website which I have been on almost constantly since having it done and all the information in your blog. You are an amazing woman!!! THANK YOU!

Mike Adam

This "Bible" is a MUST read for any and all that are either piercing now, future piercees, or those that have any questions or just a desire to learn more about the wonderful, exciting world of body piercing.Written in a straight forward style by the Maven of body piercing, Elayne Angel. Specifically the genitalia applications. I was very impressed with all aspects of the publication. Well organized, very informative. Written in a manner, that most anyone will be able to understand. Anyone that has any comprehensive reading skills at all. I have no doubts that it will find it's way onto the shelf of any reputable piercer and/or his shop.


I was so excited to learn that Elayne was going to be in Atlanta that i planned this visit for more than 2 months! This visit went smooth, was very pleasant and informative and I got to see a true professional in action. I'm so thrilled to see Elayne has encouraged so many to step up to the plate and be proactive with education and sanitation. What an inspiration she is! Wonderful woman with a beautiful personality and an absolutely comforting bedside manner. Thank you Elayne!

Susan Ferrell

I want to Thank you again. My experience was amazing. Thank you for everything.. I will be flying to see you again.


Yes!!! Finally got a VCH and two inner labia piercings by Elayne Angel during her recent visit to Atlanta. She is an enchanting petite woman with gorgeous art-work and brilliant piercings, as soon as I saw her I gave her a hug and she hugged me back :), I was so excited to meet her. I have to admit that I was nervous at first, but Elayne made me totally comfortable. She is very professional and she has an amazing and sweet personality, completely put me at ease.

As far as the piercing, it just felt like a quick pinch and then she soothed the area with a cool cloth immediately afterwards:). She is very easy to talk to and she answered all of my rambling questions (lol). I read Elayne's blog before I got my VCH done and the posting about a woman reclaiming her body by getting pierced was especially touching, I cried when I read it at home and even cried at the piercing shop after she had completed my piercings. I commend Elayne for helping people to overcome such a sensitive situation and adding that posting to her blog. Wow! I never thought it would evoke so many strong emotions, and Elayne was great and so understanding :). I gave her a hug when I left and I can't wait for her to come back to ATL! (I even asked her to move here lol!) I will try to get pierced by her every time she comes back to visit :). I LOVE my new piercings!!!

If you're considering getting pierced, then ask Elayne's advice, buy the book because it has alot of information that you will definitely need, and get pierced by her, she is absolutely the best, hands down, and beautiful inside and out, I honestly don't think you can find anyone like her anywhere else. She has so many great qualities that many piercees desire in a piercer. When you meet her you can tell that she is a genuine person and that she really loves her profession. I don't have any pain,swelling, or discomfort and I can barely tell the piercings are there at all until I look at them. My experience was excellent, and yes, I would do it over again. I HIGHLY recommend her. The piercings she performed on me are absolutely exquisite, Thank you soo much :)!!! ~C


after many months of research. i came across this website and the ifo was amazing. i emailed Elayne and and she referred me to Bink in Tallahassee Florida. i live close by and it was a amazing experience. Not only did i feel comfy i was impressed with His level of experience. also a Rn and that was good for me to know since i had a VCH done. the business was clean and sterile and the people very nice. Bink was so gentle and calm and it made me feel at ease. i was pierced in seconds and after leaving i knew it was the right choice. THANKS TO ELAYNE FOR THE REFERRAL!!!!!!

Mike Gibbs

This book is amazing. By far the most informative literature on piercings. Thank you Elayne.

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