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Elayne Angel

Elsa Diaz

I very much enjoyed your site.I wish you all the best in sales in you business venture.


Hello Elayne! Yet more amazingly healed piercings from you! I saw you in Dallas in September 2012. You performed piercings on both nipples to go with the VCH I got from you a year before in Oklahoma City. I wanted to let you know the piercings are doing fabulous, they look awesome and I can already feel how amazing they feel. The VCH with nipple piercings looks to be my perfect trifecta!! Thank you again for doing what you do - you ARE undoubtedly THE BEST!


Elayne! I LOVE this website! After months & months of reading about different genital piercings, no other place has given me such detailed information. From what I have been reading, you know EVERYTHING about genital piercings & I wanted to wait until you came to Detroit to get a piercing but In July I just couldn't wait any longer and went to see a piercer. I live in Shelby Township, MI & I was so excited to see that you referred Tiffany Diamond from Lady Luck located in Waterford, MI. I went to see Tiffany just to ask about the triangle piercing and maybe gain a little more knowledge, & ended up getting the piercing that same day! Tiffany was very professional and made me feel extremely comfortable. I definately would recommend her to somebody interested in getting a genital piercing. The piercing did not hurt as bad as I thought it would..... The anticipation building up was worse than the actual piercing itself lol Thank you so much!


Hi Elayne,thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge with us.I have read your book like 50 times.


I want to give you a great big hug and thank you for my VCH piercing! I traveled to Dallas because I wasn't gonna let just anyone perform this task and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I, unlike most, did not purchase your book until we met in Dallas (I did do my homework though). You really did make me feel comfortable and thoroughly informed of what to expect. The actual piercing was maybe a 2 second "what was that" moment and absolutely no pain afterward. I followed your advice and healing was quick. Anyone who is thinking about getting a piercing/body modification should definitely read Elayne's book. Elayne's words will provide you with a wealth of information. And for any of you who feel you may have waited too long, please note that I didn't start getting pierced until my late 40's, and now at 50 I have a VCH piercing by Elayne!! Life is good!


I have read The Piercing Bible at least 10 times! It is incredibly informative and well-written, and it has VERY important information for anyone interested in piercings/body modification. You can tell Elayne has so much amazing experience, and for her to share that is such a wonderful thing. I cannot say enough good things about this book, reading it has even encouraged me to get a VCH piercing to help me with confidence issues. I cannot wait to have it done (hopefully by Elayne herself), and I cannot thank her enough!

Sara L.

Hi Elayne, Thank you for creating this forum and sharing your expertise. I am a 31 year old woman with vulvodynia (VVS for anyone familiar). Today I received a VCH piercing from Bob Jones at Insight in Chicago (from piercer referrals). Bob was incredibly personable and professional. His demeanor instilled confidence in me. Tonight I am feeling no pain....only a slight pinch during and mild discomfort an hour or 2 after. I am excited for the possibilities this piercing may bring me including a renewed love for my "lady parts" and a reawakening of femininity and sexuality that have been diminished since my diagnosis. Thank you again for sharing this with others!


I had my vch piercing done by Byriah Dailey (from referrals page) I am so glad i finally did it! It didnt hurt as much as I thought it would..It was just a quick pinch, the pain was gone by the time he put the jewelry in.I was a bit unsure on how i felt about having a male piercer but He was extremely professional..made me feel very comfortable the whole time. If you live in Houston i would highly suggest going to him!

Laura "Gemini Gewelry"

I am just beginning my Piercing career. I have asked Santa Claus for the Piercing Bible. I live in NY and I do Ear Eye Brow and Nose piercings. I'm moving to VA and hope to get an internship with a piercer there... What I have read that you have written is amazing. I can't wait to start learning from your book and the piercer I will be working with... You're amazing!


Hi Elayne,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you! I had my triangle pierced by you in Dallas last week and I'm in love with it already. Your professionalism and incredible knowledge base really put me at ease before, during, and after the piercing. I'm beyond glad that i did my research and that you were piercing near me. I'm following the cleaning schedule and I'm not having any issues so far. Thank you so much!

Sara's Salutations

Hello Elayne! I just wanted to thank you again for all of your knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge with others! I finally got my piercing yesterday... not the triangle that I had hoped for but a lovely VCH. I talked with Derek several times and had an appointment with him before your APP conference, unfortunately he was not feeling well the night before and had to cancel. I appreciated his honesty and care for his craft and respect for me by admitting that he was unable to work when he was not 100% focused! As it turned out, that delay opened a door for me... shortly thereafter Saint Sabrina's announce that Courtney Maxwell would be joining their staff here in MN (from St. Louis, MO). I was excited to have the opportunity to have a female piercer rather than a male... just for my own comfort. I talked to Derek about it and he was very gracious in keeping me in the loop to be able to get an appointment with her as soon as she was up and running at their shop. When I got there yesterday I was able to meet Derek in person (finally) and had a great consultation with Courtney. She let me know that my anatomy wasn't ideal for the triangle... that it would likely cause distortion and suggested other options. I was impressed with her knowledge and expertise. She was very thorough and made sure I was informed and comfortable with all of the decision making. I am so glad I waited and am extremely please with the outcome. I truly value the personable, and professional service I received. Thank you so much for setting me on the path that led me to where I am with this. I can't say enough how this whole process has helped me evolve and heal. I love my piercing!

most sincerely and with enormous gratitude salutations from... sare

Mare E

About Elayne: Simply the best! Love her!! VERY professional & reassuring. About me: Pushing 50, first piercing (vch), nervous as hell but sucked it up and calmed myself knowing I was in! (I'd done my research.) About my piercing: Gorgeous! Wish I'd had it done sooner. Over quickly and I was pain free within five minutes. To sum it up: I'd rate my experience as a 20 on a 1 to 10 scale. Absolute excellence. Elayne, you can bet I will see you again on your next trip to my neck of the woods. :) Thanks a million.


I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I'm 5 days post vch and double nipple piercing and I love them all!! Elayne you truly are an angel. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

"Andi" A. Smith

Hello Elayne, I was wondering if you did any workshops for extensive body piercing techniques? I've been piercing for over three and a half years now and would love to further my education and technique. If you do any workshops will you please let me know when or at least how I can sign up for them and pay for it ect. Thanks again for your time, Andi Smith

Hi Andi, I teach at the annual Conferences for the Association of Professional Piercers in Las Vegas, and at other seminars around the world (APTPI in Italy; APP Seminarios in Mexico; BMXnet in Germany, etc.)

I'm currently looking into the possibility of offering teleconference seminars, so please check back, or sign up for my free newsletter at the top of the right sidebar!

Thanks for your interest. Elayne


After doing some female genitalia piercing research, I came across Elayne's website. I was please with her site, knowledge about piercing, and extensive resume. When she was scheduled to come to the Dallas area, I was excited. I immediatley emailed her and told her what I wanted and she told me she was booked. We kept in contact over a week about piercings in general and I asked if she could reccomend someone. She told me about this place in Dallas called Obscurities. Eric was the staff piercer and he WAS SO AMAZING! He was very professional, knowledgeable, and knew how to perform his job well. The other staff members were just as cool. Everyone was supportive and nice. I am pleased with my VCH piercing and would reccomend this place to anyone in the Dallas area.


Hi Elayne, just wondering if you travel internationally for work or are you only based in the US? I'm in Australia and there are loads of great piercers here but I've never seen anything in as much helpful detail as your website. Thanks :-)

Thanks for the positive feedback, Tori. No, sorry; I pierce only in the US (though I live in Mexico!).


I just wanted to tell you that I recently purchased emu oil and I can't thank you enough. I have always had some trouble with piercings healing correctly. I was at a loss with my left cheek piercing because it had been having troubles for years despite my right one healing perfectly and comfortably with no leaking, unnecessary swelling, or infection. I bought the oil after losing hope with salt soaks. I put this stuff on and it immediately soothed my cheek, after a day and a half the swelling started to lessen. I used it for my high nostrils, my stretched septum, and my navel after that. They are all doing great. You're my hero, thank you so much.

Amanda S.

I came across Elayne Angel while Googling "VCH Piercings" because I had a bad experience with my first VCH piercing. I clicked on the website and thought I would give e-mailing Elayne a try. I sent her a picture of my piercing and expressed my concerns that it may be too shallow... then I sent the e-mail off into cyberspace thinking no one would ever actually reply. Much to my surprise, Elayne not only wrote me back, but wrote me back within hours! After many e-mails back and forth, she recommended a great body piercing shop in the Philadelphia area - Infinite Piercing Shop. I took my first VCH piercing out per Elayne's suggestion, let it heal, and saw Kellan Smith at Infinite for a new VCH piercing. He was absolutely amazing and it came out perfectly! Without Elayne, I would have never known what to do or where to go. Everyone at Infinite had the most amazing things to say about Elayne, which, through my experience, has proven to be true. Thanks, Elayne, for all your help! You truly are the best.


How nice to have found this website. I've learned so much just reading here, and yes, the search is on for a qualified piercer. Thank you!


Thanks elayne for giving me the best information about a vch piercing. Not only were your e-mail replys quick but they always answered my questions fully. I appreciate all your help and wish you well in all you do!!

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