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Elayne Angel


I have just got into piercing and now have a jacobs ladder, a prince albert, both ears and a nipple piercing. I find your site very interesting and informative. Thanks Greg

Thanks for the positive feedback, Greg. I'm glad you're enjoying the site! Elayne


First I will say, I've read your website from top to bottom. I did buy your book as well just to make sure I didn't miss anything! Both were so informative and educational that by the time I went to get my piercing I felt like I could do it myself! (ok, maybe not quite) I wanted to write and say a big 'thank you' for recommending Bink in Tallahassee, FL. My friend and I had our VCH there last Friday (4/26/13) and we are more than happy. One of his staff members actually did our piercings and we were very comfortable with her. Just knowing the referral for Bink came from you, we could only trust he trained his staff with the same care. I paid particular attention to the section in your book detailing sanitary measures. You gave step by step instructions on what to look for and what should happen and Bink's sterility procedures were followed verbatim. We had a few questions and the patience and knowledge of the piercer (Marina) was exceptional. The shop was so inviting it made us comfortable the moment we walked in. No bright neon lights and rock music there!! As you emphasized repeatedly, if it’s not a professional and caring piercing establishment, RUN!! Thank you for all you do, Elayne! Your knowledge, experience and the education you make available, free I will say, is indispensable. Bink spoke very highly of you and he says “hello”!!

Thanks for your comments Teri! I'm delighted that you had a good experience at Bink's studio with Marina. Hopefully your feedback will help people to feel comfortable about making use of my piercer referrals (in the "More Pages" navigation in the right sidebar). Elayne

Two happy piercings!

I'm a veteran of at times grumpy piercings, and am starting to balance my ears. My cohort in mayhem is brand new to piercings, having had a bad experience with a piercing gun. While I'm thrilled with my main piercer for my ear piercings, my friend is admittedly terrified.

I got her a copy of The Piercing Bible and flagged the areas that are too extreme for her. When we were in Denver, we went to visit Alicia with Sol Tribe from the referral list. I was going for tragus, my friend was still nervous about lobe piercing. Mine was easy, quick and almost no pain - always impressive for a tragus. My friend felt comfortable from Elayne's book and referral plus Alicia's comfortable and professional manner that she did settle her nerves and has her first piercing.

I have no qualms recommending Elayne, her book, website or referrals. Plus, Alicia is amazing and awesome, plus easy to get to in Denver!

La Donya

Pardon the pun, but Elayne Angel is an angel! I have wanted a genital piercing for years but was scared of getting it done by the wrong person and being injured or disfigured. By chance I came across Elayne's site a few months ago when I started thinking about it again and discovered the VCH was the piercing for me and that she would be in Los Angeles in April. I researched Elayne on other sites and read nothing but good about her, what she means to the industry, and the fact that she has years of experience that she made into a book had me sold. I got my VCH on Thursday, April 18th and it is beautiful! You can tell when someone is just in it for the money, or like Elayne, really has a passion for what she does and gets joy from making dreams come true. She explained every step, took her time, and there was absolutely no pain. I wasn't nervous at all. I've been admiring my VCH every chance I can get!

Thank you Elayne for being the beautiful spirit that you are and for being part of my transformation.

Thanks La Donya, for coming to see me and trusting me to pierce you. I'm do happy that you had a good experience and that you're pleased with your piercing! Enjoy! Elayne


Thank for another incredible piercing experience! Hopefully, my Frenum Ladder is now complete and the ring in my Lornum looks great. Thank you so, so much for taking such wonderful care of my wife, her VCH looks beautiful!!! Just my Labret and Ear Lobes left to do, perhaps during your next visit!!!

Love you forever, ray

Ray, It is always a pleasure to pierce you and your family! Love and hugs to you all, Elayne

Katie K

Elayne Angel is absolutely fabulous!! I wasn't real nervous about getting my VCH until I was there. Elayne is so personable and professional she immediately put me at ease. The piercing itself was over in a blink and hasn't given me anything but a tremendous amount of pleasure. I highly recommend Elayne to anyone considering this type of piercing or any other for that matter. Thank you, thank you, thank you Elayne!


Hello! I got my vch piercing before buying the piercing bible and belive me it should have been the other way around! By reading this book, looking at pictures and educating myself through Elayne's knowledge i found out that i had a surface hood piercing not an actual vch piercing ! (I heard this is very common.) So i wrote to Elayne to make sure i was right. The I took it out. Obviously i want the real deal not a bad piercing. So i went back and got pierced again by someone who knows what they are doing. Elayne's book helped me to evaluate the piercer that did it for me and i knew exactly what questions to ask to make sure i end up with a perfect vch piercing.

If i can tell one thing to the women out there who are considering a vch piercing is to read this book and educate yourself so you don't end up with a botched piercing! i learned from my own mistake and hopefully this message will help other women not to make the same mistake i did. Yes it is important to trust your piercer but you also need know exactly what you are getting done and be well informed! The piercing bible will help you do that and make you feel more confident! When its done right trust me it is the best piercing to have and i don't regret having it re-pierced. Thanks again Elayne for this amazing book!

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and encouraging others to become educated before getting pierced. I'm sorry they were learned through your own bad experience.

Be safe! Elayne


I did oodles and oodles of research before getting a VCH piercing by Elayne. After reading all the horror stories on her Piercing Bible blog section, there was *no way* I was going to have anyone other than Elayne do the job. Given the fact that she performs thousands of VCH piercings every year, I knew I was in good hands.

We exchanged a couple of emails and I performed the Q-Tip test to confirm that I was a candidate for a VCH. Then I had to wait until she made her (seemingly) yearly trek to Obscurities in Dallas, TX. I didn't get super nervous until I was sitting in the lobby of the studio. Elayne was wonderful at calming my nerves. She gave a thorough explanation at each step of the piercing process. The actual piercing was more startling than it was painful. The piercing bled a little bit and I was a little tender for a couple of days. I'd estimate my healing time to be around three weeks total. I followed Elayne's advice to the letter (saline soaks and Bronner's soap washes) and had no problems with the piercing at all.

I can't say enough nice things about Elayne. She's a very skilled professional piercer and if I ever get the nerve to get something else pierced, I will definitely have her do it.



I've just gotten my belly pierced 2 days ago. Now I'm worried that it'll leave a scar because this morning I was positive that I'm pregnant. Should I take it off now? Because I googled and it appears to me that the belly button looks ugly when pregnant and the scar looks bad. What should I do?

Yes if you're pregnant the jewelry should be removed and the piercing abandoned right away. Just wash the area and your hands and remove the jewelry. Wash the area daily with soap and water until the wound has clearly sealed up.

This is a brief section from my book, The Piercing Bible that is relevant to your issue about healing a piercing during pregnancy:

"Your body is already occupied with a momentous and complex task: creating and nurturing your baby. Getting pierced during pregnancy also exposes your unborn child to unnecessary risks of infection (particularly because of changes to your immune system when you are pregnant), allergic reaction, bloodborne disease, and medication used to treat complications.

If you anticipate becoming pregnant in the next year or so, postpone getting a piercing with an extended healing time, especially the navel. Even if your navel piercing is almost healed, as your abdomen grows and the area changes, further healing of this area cannot take place. If you have a fresh or unhealed piercing, remove your jewelry once it is confirmed that you are expecting. Bolster your system to contend with your pregnancy instead of depleting it by trying to heal a piercing."


I contacted Elayne regarding whether or not I would be able to anatomically suit a VCH. Her responses were incredibly prompt and informative. I felt comfortable throughout the entire consultation, and her responses were very thorough as well as personable. I felt like I was chatting with a friend and neighbor, who happens to be incredibly smart and talented. I went to one of her recommend piercers who is near where I live. The entire experience was not only easy, I also felt I was prepared for each step next to come. The needle stick, was indeed just that, minor, and the only remotely uncomfortable part of the process, and that was fleeting. No shock, nor discomfort, no surprises! I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and that Elayne provided the knowledge to EMPOWER me in making this decision, completely well-informed. If you're considering any piercing, it is well worth your peace of mind to read the piercing bible, contact Elayne for her expert advice, and trust in her recommended piercers list if you're unable to travel to the lady herself.


Hi Elayne, Your site is so informative. I've been thinking about getting a VCH piercing for a while. Do you ever come to Central Florida? Or could you recommend a place to go that is good in Orlando or Tampa? I'd love if I could get you to do mine.

Hi Amber, Thanks for your interest. All of my piercer referrals are posted on this page of this website:

If I haven't personally worked with or trained any piercers in your area, you can check the website for a member of the Association of Professional Piercers who is local to you:

The APP is a non-profit international organization dedicated to disseminating vital health and safety information about piercing to piercers, piercees, medical professionals, legislators, and the general public. The piercers are not "certified" by the association, however. While some of the piercers on the list may have taken my seminars at the annual APP conferences, I still wouldn't consider them to have been "trained by me," as those courses only last a few hours and aren't sufficient for providing a thorough education. Please meet the piercer and see if you develop a good rapport and if they inspire your confidence.

The best thing I can suggest to help you make good decisions about piercing is to become a more well-educated consumer. If you found my website informative, I think you'll be amazed by all of the valuable facts and practical advice in my book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing. It contains loads of information about evaluating piercers and studios, piercing placements, appropriate body jewelry sizes, styles, and materials, aftercare, troubleshooting, and much, much more. This website contains just barely a taste of the information in my book!

Lola L

Hi Elayne! I just wanted you to know that my partner and I are beyond pleased with the VCH you performed In Dallas.I had my heart set on a triangle or a HCH, but after you explained why these would no be good options, I was ok with the VCH. We really appreciated how professional and friendly you were. When you included my partner in the decision making process, it meant a great deal to both of us. I was worried about the pain and the aftercare, but it was not painful! Just a quick stick and burn, and the aftercare products have been amazing. As it turns out, the VCH was probably meant to be, as the jewelry has some wonderful sexual side effects!! Elayne you are just amazing! The VCH was the final step in our 2 day commitment ceremony. Thank you so much for being a part of it! All the best to you and your husband!

Lola L

PS. I have a couple of GF's that would like to have this same procedure done. I am forwarding your links to them and told them you are the only person I would ever consider doing this!


Thanks for referring me to Bethra in Atlanta. I had my VCH piercing done on Wednesday march 6th and couldnt have been more pleased with her knowledge and experience.


I want to thank you for having this page and the book you wrote. I've been considering a VCH piercing for a couple of years now and after buying your book I finally went and got it done 2 days ago. I was careful on who I picked and did a lot of research on where to go. I finally settled on a Sacred Heart a studio in Houston. The piercer Mickey did a phenomenal job. He was informative, well mannered, and extremely nice. Thanks to the pictures you posted I knew exactly how my VCH was supposed to be placed. There was surprisingly little to no bleeding at all with very minimal swelling. I'm beyond happy with the results. Your doing a great service by helping to inform people such as myself. Thanks again.


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I woul like to contct you about a VCH piercing I had done. However the site will not let me. It says that you allow no more than 2 comments per 2 hours, or something of that nature. Anyhow, I've never contacted you before so Im confused as to why it would say that. Any suggestions?

Hi Alexis,

You can use the Contact navigation to send me a message, but first please see my Consultations page:


Awesome recommendation. Got my VCH done in London by Julie @ Cold Steel. The appointment process was straight forward, friendly, and informative. Julie is super sweet, very patient and professional. My piercing follows the same process as described by others that saw her. Hard to describe how it felt. It wasn't a quick sharp pain but rather a dull discomfort as if my skin was slowly getting pulled to the point that began to hurt then it was over before any real pain kicked in. Once the ring is on, all discomfort/pain disappears. There were a few drops of blood for the first 30 mins. Julie also provides support if there are any questions with aftercare/healing. She recommended a surgical steel rings as opposed to a titanium one cuz it's shininger n prettier. Had to sit on an 18 hour flight the next day. It was a bit annoying but not as bad as one would expect and no signs of visible swelling even after a day of sitting. Too lazy to do the sea salt thing so using Summers Eve wipes instead. Day 1.5, so far all is great.

Glad to hear all went well, but I wanted to let you know that Summers Eve wipes are not intended for use on wounds so I would not advise clients to use them on piercings. You can find appropriate care guidelines here: Thanks, Elaye


Elayne, I cannot explain to you how please I was with your prompt consultation. Your knowledge & expertise was just what I was looking for to address the placement issues that I was experiencing with my nose piercing. I am relieved to know that there was a solution. Also, thank you for providing me the useful information from the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). I am defenitely more informed about my decision to have my nose re-pierced and feel confident because I am more knowledgeable when working with my piercer.

Elayne, thanks so much! The pictures you sent me to show the area for the correct placement of my piercing were right on. I'm taking these with me to show my piercer.

Thanks So Much, Dawn


I wholeheartedly recommend Elayne Angel's book, The Piercing Bible, to anyone who is interested in the culture of body piercing. Elayne's infinite knowledge and experience provide a wealth of information for piercers and piercees alike. This book is a must-have in any library - it is easy to read and an excellent source of reference. A comprehensive and practical guide.


Hi! I just wanted to say that as a healthcare professional I admire your professionalism and skill. Your site displays an uncommon understanding of anatomy and medicine. Your clinical photos are of medical symposium quality. Most importantly it seems that you've helped a lot of women... Yours truly, Chris

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