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Elayne Angel


I had my VCH pierced 6 days ago by someone other than Elayne. After doing deep research from the piercing Bible, other reviews and youtube videos, I was a little concerned with the length of my jewelry and the placement of the piercing. Elayne was wonderful and responded to all of my emails within 24 hours!! She provided great advice and showed detailed photos of what to look for and how to take certain photos she needed to better assess.

After speaking with Elayne, I am relieved with my piercing and she has set my nerves aside. Now, once healed fully, I can begin to try / test new pieces of jewelry to see what works best for my body.

I recommend ANYONE who has concerns with their piercings to contact Elayne and pay the $10 consultation fee! It is worth it!!!! She is absolutely a godsend!

Julie (England)

I had nipple piercings many years ago, but took them out due to them being over sensitive and not being able to bare them being touched.

I'd been thinking about re piercing one of my nipples (at least to begin with) for a while but was a little scared to do so, both in case they were painful again, (especially as I really enjoy hubby playing with my nipples and didn't want to loose the fun), and because there are so many random piercers around, with who knows what experience, that I really didn't know who to trust.

I came across Elayne's site through a Google search, read her website and realised that she did online consultations.

I had some old photos of my previous piercings and sent them along with photos of my nipples now, both unerect and erect, as described on her website, and paid the $10, which worked out about £8.

I felt that amount was well worth paying to potentially avoid a piercing that would remain painful.

Elayne asked me questions about various aspects of my health etc, and said that my previous piercings looked to have been positioned correctly, given the quality of the old photos. She suggested that it could have been the contraceptive (Depo) that I was on at the time of my old piercings that could have made my nipples overly sensitive, and that if I thought it could have been that then it might be worth having them redone.

If I had been in the USA local to Elayne I'd have had her do my piercing, but obviously I couldn't

Elayne recommends one piercer at Cold Steel in London, (which I also know by reputation to be good) but as I'm at the other end of the country it wasn't practical for me to go there so I chose a piercer in Manchester who looked clean and professional.

Given the knowledge I gained from Elayne's website and from my consultation I knew exactly where the piercing should sit, so when the piercer wanted to pierce shallower, I had them pierce where I wanted it!

It's now 10 days since I had my left nipple pierced, and it's wonderful! It hardly hurt being done, and just ached slightly in the few days afterwards.

It looks good and feels sexy and I'd not have dared re do it if it hadn't been for my consultation for Elayne.


I'm seeing Elayne for a PA piercing on December 5th ... she is traveling to my town for a few days, and I'm grateful for her trip!

The process of working with Elayne has been fantastic. Obviously knowledgeable, what has really stood out for me is the speed of her communication, her pithy and clear style, and great advice. She is a joy to work with and I look forward to being skewered.

In the process of working with Elayne I read The Piercing Bible. What a great resource! I have learned so much about piercing, and had questions answered I didn't know existed.

I am now a devotee of the book. I've read it twice, and have been putting into practice habits that should serve me well during the healing process, e.g., consciously washing my hands before touching my penis, and doing medical-grade hand washings. I don't want to have a healing problem, and I appreciate the clarity of the advice in the book.

It has also been fun to learn about piercings I didn't know existed, and the mechanics of how piercings work.

Elayne is a super person, and her book an invaluable resource to anyone even thinking about piercings.


I had a consultation with Elayne after a recent piercing (nipple - not done through Elayne) and she was very helpful. I was concerned about the placement and discussed it with Elayne through a couple of emails and photographs.

Sadly, it was too deep and I had to take it out, so I'm waiting for it to heal so that I can have it redone - unfortunately I don't live in the US, otherwise I would absolutely try to go to Elayne!

As many others in the guestbook have said, if you're thinking about contacting Elayne for a consultation of any kind, I absolutely wouldn't hesitate - its totally worth it to put your mind at ease. She's incredibly helpful and responds super quickly.

Thank you Elayne!


Elaine converted my PA to an Apadravya last year in OKC. I was so happy with it I decided to go for the 'Magic Cross' and get and ampylang too. Once again, Elayne was the only person I considered for this most artful piercing. Once I reached out to Elayne everything else was a snap! She did another consult with me and gave me some homework to do to make sure I got the appropriate size barbell. Once photos and measurements were taken and placement agreed to it was just a matter of waiting for the big day. Six months later I couldn't believe I was boarding a flight to Philadelphia. I walked into Infinite Body Piercing and was so impressed. Clean, brightly lit and a very friendly person behind the counter to check me in. Elayne was running right on time and would be with me once she finished with the appointment before me. I was about a half hour early so I had a seat in the waiting area and collected my thoughts. I was getting nervous until Elayne walked out and gave me a big hello and smile. I was ready. We went back to the piercing room. Again bright and sparking clean. Elayne had me sit on the exam table and we made small talk while she got set up. We were doing the Ampy and a Guiche and decided to do the Guiche first. I had to lay back and straddle the table with me legs. Elayne did the marking and after allowing me to peek had me lay back and relax...yeah right! A deep breath, exhale and...done! New Jewelry in I got to take look with the hand mirror. Perfect! Next up the Ampy. Throughout all this Elayne make sure I was comfortable and having a good experience. She stopped to answer every question I had and to let me calm myself. Once she had marked the placement we both took a look. This was the point of no return. I have to admit I did consider getting up and walking! No one would hold it against me. But the thought was there only for a second. Full steam ahead! Elayne told me to breathe while she got a good hold of me then one final deep slow breath in and then...done! Really I had hardly begun to exhale when it was over! It stung for about a millisecond. My nipples were more painful when I got them done. Another pinch when she inserted the jewelry and I couldn't believe it watching her screwing on the balls. Jumping off the table I gave Elayne a big hug. What a great experience. I've come to appreciate the self-empowerment I feel from my body mods. I guess one could say it's become a passion of mine now. I get so much enjoyment from my mods I can't imagine being without them now. That said Elayne brings so much to the piercing experience. It's so wonderful to know she's in control and absolutely puts my goals and best interests first. I highly recommend reaching out to Elayne if you are considering a body mod below the neck. Thanks Elayne! I can't wait to see you again next time. Curtis from Chicago


I really wish I could get pierced by you. Had an apadravya done a few years ago, but didn’t seem to sit correctly.. Maybe one day you will be in my area and I will come to get pierced. You are the best!

Hi Eddie, I'd be delighted to pierce you. My tour dates and cities are all listed in the "Upcoming Events" sidebar, and if you'd like to be automatically notified when I make new plans, you can sign up for my free newsletter in the top right corner of the page! Thanks for your interest, Elayne


I am really happy Elayne has a site like this to help with anatomy consultations, because I would have never thought to confirm the specific piercing placement per my anatomy without it. I consulted with her about my concerns about my nipple piercings in 2016, and I also consulted with her about my nose piercing in 2014 (which I had re-pierced per her recommended location and LOVE IT!) and am so grateful Elayne is still providing assistance like this. So worth $10 escpecially of you you don't want to waste hundreds on inexperienced piercers, bad jewelry, and medical expenses! I have been recommending her to many of my friends that have many questions about piercings and are concerned if they have the anatomy for what they want.


It"s been about a month and a half now since I had my pubic piercing (The Lenny) done at Infinite Body piercing in Philadelphia by Elayne and all is well, it is healing very nicely. This is my third piercing done by Elayne,( PA and Lorum are the other two) and I am forever grateful that I found her to do them. Elayne is the consummate professional with a gentle touch and very patient and very informative, O yah, with a sense of humor too. And what was also very helpful was getting Elayne’s book, (The Piercing Bible), it has all the info in it for the piercing you want to get. I love all three of my piercings and if anyone is considering a below the belt piercing, or nipples, find out where Elayne is piercing and make an appointment, the wait will well be worth it. After the first one you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner, at least thats the way it was for me. My only regret is I didn't start sooner. Now Im deciding where to put number 4. Thank you so much Elayne for piercing me and being a part of a new chapter in my life.


I absolutely LOVE my VCH Piercing! I haven't felt any discomfort or pain since the split second poke from the piercing (lol) joke the piercing was really like a split second honestly! If I didn't knew better I would forget it was pierced that's how normal and so comfortable it feels! The entire process was extremely smooth sailing from booking down to the day of my appointment! I felt beyond comfortable with Elayne... she was so informative and extremely detailed with every email communication as well as on the day of my appointment. She walked me through the entire process from helping me select the best suitable jewerly for my VCH Piercing according to my body anatomy, throughly sanitizing EVERYTHING, prepping the area for the piercing even to opening the packages(lol), and etc. I didn't leave with any unanswered questions! I'm so happy I found Elayne.. NOBODY can compare to her ... Elayne you are truly the BEST!!!!!



Thank you for being so knowledgable and professional. I researched VCH piercings for years (literally) before working up the nerve to actually get it done. You were AMAZING. The process itself was not that bad and I am IN LOVE with my piercing.

I would highly recommend Elayne to anyone looking to get any type of piercing done!


I am new to genital piercing. I love it. I have a reverse prince albert for a week. it is healing quickly. when can go to the next size up and can I go up two sizes? how do I sign up for your forum?

Hi Al, Thanks for your posting, though this is not a forum for questions. I do offer online consultations if you wish to have personal attention. (

There is a LOT to know about stretching to do it safely. I suggest you read my book so you will be well educated before embarking on any stretching. Done improperly, I've seen overzealous PA stretching result in accidental bifurcation of the glans, so please be careful!



I contacted Elayne for a consultation on a new nipple piercing as I had some concerns about its placement. She QUICKLY (within an hour!) and kindly reassured me that the placement was great, and that I had nothing to worry about! She kept my photos private (as I requested her to do) and she was friendly, warm and professional. If you're thinking about contacting Elayne for a consultation of any kind, don't hesitate. Peace of mind about something as special and intimate as a piercing is DEFINITELY worth the $10 consultation fee; even more so if there is something that needs attention from a professional.

Elayne is a master of her craft; you will be in good hands, virtually or physically.


I just wanted to say thank you for providing a list of the piercers in Arizona. I went to see Kevin at HTC Tempe for a triangle and princess Di and he was awesome! He took the time to really explain the process to me as well as the possibility that I may not be eligible, examine my anatomy to make sure everything was compatible and made sure I was 100% comfortable with the entire process, even asking me multiple times if anything was pulling or hurting - he went out of his way to cause as little pain as possible which was great.

He also scheduled a follow up since I am from Northern Arizona at a higher elevation to make sure the piercings were healing properly and the elevation didn't cause any kind of shifting or intense bleeding. I was so happy with the level of service, his happy attitude, and the way he put me at ease that I would definitely go back to see him as well as recommend him to anyone hoping to get female piercings in Arizona. I am happy to have found your recommendations, the last 3 genital piercings (Christina, VCH, and inner labia) I had done were done by random shops that while healed nicely and even Kevin said they were done well and were healed nicely - I am leery of putting my trust in a lot of piercers who may not have the right experience and I end up with something that might reject.

Barbara Z.

I Visited with Elayne At Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia, PA on 09/19/2016. I received my 1st set of Inner Labia Adornments and I am thrilled. I have visited with Elayne previously (my Triangle Piercing is my favorite & has changed my life!) and I can tell you that she is kind, knowledgeable, reassuring and incredibly professional. Her quality standards & attention to every detail you most likely will not find in a local shop. If you've ever though about a genital piercing - book an appointment with Elayne - I can tell you she's worth waiting for! You really do not want any mistakes down there!


I was fortunate to have received my first piercing, a PA, from Elayne recently. I was blown away with her professionalism and attention to detail. She was extremely accommodating and easy to work with.

My biggest concern before going in was the professionalism of my piercer and Elayne exceeded every one of my expectations. I really can't recommend her and her work highly enough. I wouldn't ever choose to be pierced by anyone else


I was lucky enough to have my nipples pierced by Elayne this past week. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! They were sore for the first day after the piercing, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting.

I was really nervous about the whole process (I had read horror stories from people who had their nipples done by less experienced piercers), but Elayne was so sweet and professional that she put my mind completely at ease. The actual piercing was so fast that I barely had a chance to realize it happened!

If you're debating whether or not it's worth the price and wait to be pierced by Elayne, it is. It's really as simple as that!

A Marie

Thanks to Elayne brilliant reference list I was able to get my VCH piercing done by Kaspa while I was in New York. He was very professional , informative and made me feel comfortable. I had a great experience with him and the piercing looks great. I definitely recommend him and will go back to him for future piercings myself.


I want to thank Elayne for having a referral list. I am an admirer of your work and truly love body art!! I finally got the courage to get the VCH on Sept 5th. I've been wanting to do this for years. I had my VCH done by Michael Kaspa at Inked Republic in Bay Shore, NY. He is phenomenal!!! I was definitely a bunch of nerves when I got to the shop. Upon meeting him, I found him to be very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable asking him questions. He told me everything would be fine and he was so right. He explained the procedure prior to and even while he was checking to see if I could get the VCH. He also checked to see if I could get the Triangle ( which I am, yay me)... By the time it was time to get the piercing I was very calm and had a of confidence with him giving me the piercing. Split second of discomfort. Mike was awesome!!! Hopefully one day I will get have the honor and pleasure of meeting Elyane and get a piercing from her...


I was concerned about the placement of a new nipple piercing I had done a few days ago. Elayne responded to my need for a consult within a few hours, and took the time to put all my concerns at ease. We cooresponded through several emails and she made sure she had all of the information and photos she needed to reach an educated conclusion about how my piercing was placed. She alleviated all of my worries in a timely, professional, and friendly manner. Would recommend her to anyone!


i have been a body mod enthusiast for over 14 years now and am only 26 years young.

My experience with piercings I would call much better than most. I have studied and talked with many expert piercers from around the country. I only use the best jewellery, whether the piercings are healed or not. I've done my own PA, center-lip, tongue, ears, and have successfully placed all of them on the first try and without any complications. (Not suggesting others Pierce themselves!!!)

All the piercings I have gotten healed easily including set of surface bars (anti-eyebrows,) as I take extremely good care of both my body and aftercare routines. Normally I only use saline soaks and two daily showers.

However I have tried to heal a set of snake bites three times now. First trial I had them for a year and would not heal. Second time I gave them 9 months before retiring them. I am now on my third set and it's been over 4 months.

There have been many complications. Including losing jewellery, being forced to wear clear retainers too early, biting the studs (rings would not heal in the first two attempts,) and jewellery being too tight.

One side has been doing consistently better than the other. My lip piercing on the right side has had a mild recurring infection. Once every 2 weeks or so when I gently pushed on the piercing from the back of the stud, I noticed a lump very close to the exit either near the top or bottom of the piercing. When I gently pushed on this lump some yellowish discharge would come out, sometimes it was thicker. There was never a profound amount, but it certainly was of major concern to me as it is the worst complication I have experienced thus far out of close to 20 piercings.

Last night I forcibly drained this lump again and thoroughly. It swelled even bigger. I then applied the Briotech spray twice. When I woke up only 6 hours later I applied again and checked the swelling. The swelling is less than it has been in 2 months!

I am amazed at how quickly this spray has worked.

I think it's worth mentioning that I take good care of my health and diet. I get PLENTY of exercise and also eat mainly a vegan diet and take herbal supplements every now and then and also eat a varied diet to get PLENTY of nutrients.

Even this was not enough to heal my piercings but the spray seems to be helping immensely.

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