6 Mar 2012

I got a message from a reader who wanted my input on frenum piercings:

Hi there Elayne,

I own your book and respect you and your opinions like no other.  Please keep up the good work. 

I am curious about a frenum piercing, except lower, about halfway down the shaft and maybe 3 of them.  I was wondering if I sent you a picture if I could get your opinion on if my anatomy would be fort for these piercing.  I have a very good piercer set up to do it for me, except I dont have a lot of money to make 2 trips, like one extra for a consult. That's why I was asking I you could let my know what you think. 

Also I was thinking curved barbell?  Whats you opinion on that?  Also possibly a horseshoe later on.  If you can accept pics what address would I email it to?  My piercer and I were talking and she suggested about 1/2" curved barbell at 14 gauge to start.  Thanks for your time. 

My reply:

Thanks for the positive feedback.

You're welcome to send photos, but without the ability to pinch the tissue to assess your pliability, I can't do a very thorough job from here.

Curves are good when they are used to conform to the area, but in this case, they don't really do that. A straight bar is preferred for initial frenum piercing placement.

The 14 gauge is a little thinner than I would put in. I use a 12 gauge minimum piercing. It will be safer and probably more comfortable in fine tissue like the surface of the penis shaft, which tends to get a lot of friction and activity.

Also, the 1/2" diameter would not allow for sufficient tissue between the entry and exit holes to produce a safe piercing that is likely to remain for a lifetime. It would be a little too shallow--or it would pinch your skin too much, if the correct amount of tissue were pierced.

Since you asked, I"ll tell you: Based on MANY years of experience (including trial and error in the past!) I suggest a 12 gauge straight barbell in a 5/8" diameter as the usual minimum size for a frenum  piercing whether it be in the traditional location or further down the shaft, on the top or sides of the penis.

Most piercers can do a consult at the time of a piercing, so two visits would not be necessary.

I'm sorry to say, if your piercer was suggesting 14 ga 1/2" curved bars, I don't have a lot of faith in her training or experience.

Photo of Penis for Frenum EvaluationHis response:

Awesome, thank you so much for your input.The only reason she was saying 14 is because she thought 12 would be a little painful, but I totally get where you are coming from. 

She is very confident in her piercing, but she hasn't pierced a lot of male genitals.  We were just throwing around some numbers.  I have checked, I understand that you cant tell a lot without actually being in person, but I do have quite a bit of "pinch-ability" in the correct areas, so I think that the piercing would work fine.

Ok so the straight barbells seem like a better option.  Again thank you so much for your input!  I have enclosed a pic just so you can get a little better idea. 

My only issue is my size, erect is fine I believe at 6", flaccid is quite a bit smaller, would this have an impact on how many I should actually start with?  Again I was thinking 3, if not maybe 2.

My reply:

Due to the changes between erect and flaccid states, male genitals can be a little tricky if a piercer doesn't have training and experience.

I'd suggest that there be a MINIMUM of 1/2" width distance between the entry and exit points of the piercings when the tissue is relaxed/flaccid. She needs to make sure (usually from spreading out the tissue, along with your input) that the jewelry won't pinch too much when you are erect.

There should be a minimum of 5/16" of tissue between the piercings when the tissue is flaccid. Depending on how you grow/change when erect, that can make them 1/2" to even 1" apart! These are the factors you and your piercer need to look at together to determine the optimal placement.

Frenums with Prince Albert Piercingn the hands of a capable piercer, the 12 and 14 would each take but a moment--neither should be very painful.

If you want three and you're in good health and committed to taking good care of your piercing, then you should be okay to do all three of them in the same session. Placement usually works better if you do them during the same session before tissue changes occur that can make
it more difficult to match the existing piercings when adding a third one later.

I advise she work from the bottom upward so if there is any bleeding it doesn't get in her way for the subsequent procedures.

I hope this is helpful. Feel free to send a photo when the project is done.

Above is a photo of a previous frenum ladder project (with frenum loop and Prince Albert).



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