27 Aug 2014

formula 1138 Aftercare Spray

A while back, I received some correspondence and samples of a new aftercare spray, "Formula 1138" from the company's founder, Dan Terry. He provided me with some very interesting technical and scientific information about the liquid, and it clarified that this is something different from any other aftercare product I've seen or used. He says Formula 1138 is all-natural, safe, and non-toxic. One of the active ingredients, HOCL, is a biocide that does not break down cellular tissue and only works to eradicate pathogens.  

I have put it on cuts and scrapes to excellent effect, though haven't had any healing piercings to try it on personally. Dan has done a successful year-long study on its use in piercing aftercare with 250 clients. I have been intrigued by Dan's product and asked him to talk about it in his own words....

Dan Terry, Briotech's founder says:

"formula1138 Topical Skin Aftercare  is the latest HOCL formulation by BRIOTECH, LLC, made specifically for Piercing and Tattoo Aftercare application. 

HOCL is an ingredient of healing.


One of the active ingredients in your body’s healing system is Hypochlorous Acid, chemical name, HOCl.  (We write is as HOCL for ease of clarification—sorry chemists!)  This amazing and natural compound that is produced in your own body can be copied, stabilized and mass-produced— and that’s what we do at BRIOTECH. 

After years of engineering and study, and thousands-of-hours of collaboration with doctors and scientists, we have mastered the systems and formulas necessary for the stable production of this wonderfully amazing and highly-effective compound, and we are beyond pleased to now offer it in the Aftercare market. 

Where most people might look at white blood cells as “the protectors of wounds, skin and infection”, those white blood cells should be seen, more aptly, as “the white vans that brings SWAT Teams of HOCL” to your aid. 

When you consider that your body is comprised of 80% salt water and that the very act of living, moving and thinking is controlled and enabled by electrical signals running through our bodies, and then you consider that your body’s three primary defense systems are skinmucous production and white blood cells – you begin to see how the profound effects of HOCL make such simple sense. We complement what you already use. 

HOCL is a widely-known anti-inflammatory and is considered FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe).  We produce formula1138 under strict quality guidelines in our FDA-Registered, clean room facility. Our pH is strictly monitored and controlled, as are the electrical reactivity and HOCL strength components of every bottle we produce.  We always adhere to strict guidelines and quality procedures to put our best products in the market for your best results. 

How we make it: During a process known as brute force electrolysis, we take highly-filtered H2O and split the H (Hydrogen) from the O (Oxygen). Our only ingredients are water and pure salts.  We rip both apart and then recombine them, reforming them into  the same compounds that are produced in your body as your own natural healing element. Our product is left with only a tiny bit of salt (less than 1%) that won't leave a residue and works by simply spraying your area lightly several times a day. That's it! 

The finished product, formula1138, is an HOCL-infused, ionized, electrified, highly-filtered water that works supremely well in active transport to complement your body’s own healing. formula1138 simply adds to what your body already produces naturally to assist your own healing process faster!

Worth noting--you won’t find a long list of ingredients on our label; we keep it simple!  formula1138’s ingredient list consists of electrolyzed/ionized water, a tiny bit of salt and HOCL. We don’t need more. And neither do you.   It’s simple. It’s safe. It’s highly-effective. And, it’s real science.

From the laboratories of Briotech, LLC, we are proud to bring you formula1138; great for piercings, tattoos, and anywhere you're working with skin. As we say around our facility, formula1138 is “good for wherever you have skin”.

We encourage you to call and ask questions. Dealer inquiries welcome."

Telephone:  425-488-4300

www.briotechusa.com         www.formula1138.com




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