Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing Fail- Twice!

I received a message and some photos from a woman who got pierced twice, and neither was properly placed....

Not a VCH piercing, as requested--not even closeHi, I'm writing to ask you a couple of questions....I have just recently got a VCH piercing... now when I went in the first time to get my piercing done she seemed kind of unprofessional at a couple of points, but it never made me to too nervous, I was terrified of getting the piercing, and she put the needle through and I knew at that point deep down that the piercing was in the wrong spot, it did not feel right at all, but like an idiot, I didn't say anything and I went home and my boyfriend had looked at it and he said that it wasn't in my hood at all, it never even came close to my clitoris.


In fact she had given me a very awkward small type of Christina piercing. Done with the tiniest little barbell I have ever seen. Smaller than one that you would even put in your eyebrow.... so kind of concerned, I had gotten a hold of her and I had to send her a picture, and she was very embarrassed, and told me that if I came in the next day she would give me the proper piercing, and let me keep the other one for free.... but, I am a very large woman, and because of my Off center VCH Piercinganatomy, that piercing was not good at all, and I had to have her take it out anyways and I can show you that piercing as well just to give you a little bit of insight, and possibly find out what that would have been, but she finally did my VCH piercing and it hurt more than anything I have ever experienced in my life, and when I got home I had realized that I believe that she used the wrong kind of jewelry for that piercing, and I think she pierced slightly off, it looks like it's way too far to one side, now this can be me just being paranoid because of my horrid piercing experience the day before, but I truly believe that she did it wrong again, and I would just like to know from your point of view what is going on!! So if you could give me an email address where I can reach you, and send you the proper photos, I will gladly do that


My reply:

View from underside--VCH off to the side of hood-- a single Princess Diana PiercingYou were wise to remove the initial piercing, but I'm a little surprised you would let someone who did such a poor job the first time pierce you again! At least the new one goes under your hood. But I agree, it is not remotely centered with your anatomy.

If you prefer stimulation on the left side of your clitoris, then you can keep the piercing. Another option is to have a capable piercer do a second piercing off to the other side of your hood, effectively giving you a set of "Princess Diana" piercings, which are non-midline VCH piercings.

If neither of those options is your preference, then you should take it out. I'd talk to the piercer about getting your money back (maybe show her those photos as well).

I had a VCH piercing done about three years ago. The piercing process went well, the piercer was very knowledgeable and comforting and healing was a snap.


A few weeks ago I got really sick and had some laproscopic surgery. I know my piercing was in up until the point I went in To surgery. It just occurred to me the other day that the earring is no longer there. I can't recall if it was there after surgery or not. At any rate, how long can you go without jewelry in a VCH piercing before the hole starts to close? I'm planning to go to the shop I had the piercing done to get a new earring tomorrow after work but I'm afraid the hole might have started to close.

Female genital piercings can close very quickly. Sometimes it's impossible to reinsert jewelry without an insertion tube after a matter of minutes. The longer the jewelry has been out, the more likely the piercing has closed. That being said, if you're having a piercing emergency, consult your piercer or a medical professional. If you believe that your piercer is competent I'd refer you back to them (or another local piercer who is) for guidance, since they can actually see the problem in person.

Unfortunately, the comments section of my blog post is not the best place for your inquiry. If you need help with a piercing problem or wish to have your anatomy evaluated in relation to piercing suitability, please visit my consultations page here: