Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing Placement Question

Thank you for your blog and insight. When I decided on a VCH piercing I researched your blog and found infinate piercings in Philly to be reputable and only about 2 hours away from me. I had her done at the end of October. They were excellent, professional, clean...wonderful experience.
VCH with Straight BarbellVCH with Straight Barbell

I guess my question to you is now that I feel I've healed, when I look at correct vch piercings mine looks different. It seems to stick out more than others.

Now I do realize anotomy is different so I try not to let it bother me, however it appears correct from the view I sent, according to your dots I see you mark on others photos. The side view shows it doesn't seem flush with the skin like others are. (She likes to lean to one side...ha) Could it possibly be pierced wrong? Perhaps I need a larger gauge. I was pierced at 12 and just ordered a 10 to stretch so perhaps that may help? Thanks for your time.

My reply:

The placement of your piercing looks perfect to me. And the way the jewelry rests is definitely related to your build, at least in part. That said, are you wearing a straight bar? If so, I would suggest you try a curved bar, which conforms better to the area in my experience.

You may enjoy the feel of a 10 ga piece of jewelry, but I do not believe the larger gage would do anything to help you with the placement, and in fact (because it is larger) may cause it to stick out even more.

Hi I recently just got my vhc pierced and I don't know if I need a bigger size because it's not pleasing to me during sex. My vagina gets extremely wet which causes the piercing to slide to the front and also rotate. Is that normal? Do you think a straight bar would be better for me?