Female Genital Piercing and Masturbation

I received an interesting email from a woman who is interested in a genital piercing, but had concerns about whether a VHC would affect her preferred style of masturbation:


I wanted to thank you for maintaining your website as a really informative resource on genital piercings.

I want a stimulating piercing and have been told I'm not a triangle candidate but could get a VCH. I like to masturbate by rubbing the shaft of my clitoris through my hood - have your clients reported that it's harder to reach the clit shaft if there's jewelry there?

Thanks so much! D.

My reply:

Hi D.,

Thanks for the positive feedback about my site, and for your question. 

I haven't heard any comments about that in particular. Some women have said that using a vibrator against the jewelry makes a lot of noise, though.

Do you position your fingers toward the bottom of your clitoral hood (where the VCH jewelry would be), or are your fingers a little higher up on the shaft? If your fingers are normally higher, then the piercing shouldn't impact your usual masturbation style. And the movement of VCH jewelry caused by movement of your hood may prove enjoyable.

In fact, you may find that the presence of jewelry under your hood facilitates the type of stimulation you like (that you may not need to press as hard, or that other sexual activities may result in pleasurable sensations from the jewelry contacting your clitoris).

Have you done the q-tip test as pictured on this page of my website:
to see if you are anatomically suited for a VCH piercing? Simply insert the swab under your hood but don't push up too hard on it. Sometimes there's not much of a natural "overhang" of skin, but if it can be manipulated to cover, it is still safe to do the piercing. So if your hood doesn't cover the tip of the swab, use your other hand to try to manually move the tissue down to try to draw the skin over to the swab tip. (It is easier to push the tissue down rather than try to pull it.) Also, you might want to de-fluff the swab and lubricate it a bit if your hood seems snug or shallow.

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I have had my vch done for almost 3 months now, I had to change it from the initial bar it was done with because it was double the size it needed to be. It was fine for about a week after with the smaller bar, but now it feels pinchy, if I pee, shower to get water on it, or if I even walk sometimes it will hurt, I've noticed the bar that is in it now is once again getting too long. Is my body rejecting it? I had my hips surfaced perced and rejected them after about 2 weeks. And very sensitive to anything but gold usually.

so i got my hood done yesterday and am naturally horny alot and dont know how well i can wait 2 weeks to masterbate..... my man is overseas so i have to take care of mysef.. its really bad to carefully with clean hands to take care of my issue? thanks. 

I went to a really great piercing place. i have 15 piercings. 4 not from them. I wanted s VCH and was told that I didn't have enough hood skin to do so. The tried different ways to see if they could. But, alas I left with no VCH. The suggested maybe having my partner gently pull the hood to stretch the skin. It didn't work.. :-( It would be my Bucket List Piercing..

Hello I writing concerning my remove of my hood ring,I decided to remove it because  it interfered with sex and masturbation however I could climax normal it was just a little harder due to the fact that it was in the way, it has now grown back together for 2 weeks now. I was very sensitive and orgasmed right away after removal but now its seems like its not as sensitive anymore and its very hard for me to  orgasm like it lost sensitivity? When I first got it pierced it felt like I got pierced in a nerve or close to one that went away after it healed but now that its been removed and grown back its been difficult to climax can you help me?

P.S Plaese don't show my email addy



Hi Ive had my VCH pierced for a week now. Can I masterbate or should I wait longer?

It should be okay if you're gentle, and you pay attention to your body (if it feels tender or sore you need to modify or stop!). Also, any toys that come near the area must be clean. You should use condoms on insertable toys.

I had my VCH for 4 years (during which my libido was lowered due to medications) but I took it out once my libido kicked back to full strength because it started to bother me that every once in awhile, the VCH and clitoral vibrator would painfully pinch a bit of skin.  I like to masturbate with direct and very strong clitoral vibration and have a generously sized hood that I can pull back, but regardless of how I positioned my vibrator, I still occassionally got a pinch.  I was sufficiently happy to have my libido restored that I just took the piercing out and didn't sweat it, but I'm now wondering whether maybe the jewlery was too long and whether a shorter barbell wouldn't have had this problem.  I love the way the Diana piercings look and wonder if I would have the same problem with a vibrator pinching skin if I got those.  

Yes. Everything Elayne said has been my experiences with my VCH piercing. I would like to additionally add that before I got the jewelry, I often had problems with the hood being rubbed too much and that being uncomfortable...now with the jewerly there's the option to gently wingle/pull on the top bead (fully healed piercing) which creates a very similar sensation as rubbing through the hood AND gives a grrrl even more control on where she wants pressure. Very nice added perk.

I found that initially, my VCH did not interfere with anything, and everything in that area seemed to have a slightly heightened sensitivity. Now that I have had the piercing for a while (not quite a year? I think?) the hood skin is still more sensitive, but I noticed that the jewelry seems to have inhibited movement of the skin during masturbation as well as during intercourse, and the skin around the clitoris has grown together a bit (much like a newborn's skin around a circumcision does). So, in my case, after a while I noticed it seemed more difficult to reach orgasm, and eventually noticed that the clitoris no longer had the same free movement it did before. I do change the style of jewelry from time to time for fun and it does change the area's stimulation in different subtle ways (a small captive bead ring is the most comfortable and stimulating for me without getting in the way during masturbation or intercourse), but for the most part I keep in a much smaller curved bioplast barbell that doesn't get in the way, and I'm confident that the clitoris will 'bounce back' after having some extra attention paid to it.  

I would say absolutely that I don't regret the piercing at all. With the fast healing time and as simple as it was (my body piercer is very careful & professional and placed it perfectly) I would say it's absolutely worth experimenting with!