"One Amazing Experience" (VCH, Triangle, and Nostril Piercings)

On my guestbook I just received this AMAZING post from a woman I pierced when I was at 23rd Street Body Piercing in OKC recently:

Thank you Elayne for making the trek to Oklahoma City! Thankfully I stumbled upon your "Piercing Bible" website when I began my research on female geintal piercings! Ordered my copy, read it cover to cover (more than once!) and estatically discovered you were making a stop in OKC, just 2 short hours from where I live!!

The 3 months I eagerly waited from the time I contacted you until the actual date of our fateful appointment were spent carefully combing thru your "bible" in preparation for my piercings.

Thank you so very much for putting me at such great ease! From the moment I met you, I felt as if I had known you forever and a day! Had it not been for the fleeting, split second pinch from each piercing, I wold dare say I had just made an appointment to hang out and visit with a dear friend! I was completely at ease through the entire process, thanks in part to knowing I was completely prepared and because of you!

One amazing experience, 45 minutes, 3 piercings and 1 hug later, I walked out of the 23rd Street shop feeling as if I could do anything! So very grateful for the opportunity to meet you and your husband and for the opportunity to be pierced by THE expert in female genital piercings! After all, you wrote the book on it!

2 weeks later, I am healing wonderfully! I am in awe of myself, my piercings and Elayne Angel! Any questions/concerns that may have come up during this process have all been in my handy dandy Piercing Bible. I highly recommend "The Piercing Bible"!

Should I ever decide to add more piercings to my collection, I know to whom and where I will be going...wherever Elayne Angel is making a piercing tour stop! Thank you again Elayne, you are truly a gem! Thanks for going above and beyond to share your expertise with the world and for striving to promote health and safety for all piercers and piercees!

How awesome! That sure make me feel good about what I do, and validates the dedication I've put into my life's work. She got a VCH, Triangle, and nostril piercing all in the same session and obviously dealt with everything just fine. Note to those of you reading piercing horror stories and watching bumbling videos of unskilled piercers: it doesn't have to be that way!