Fantastic Feedback From a Medical Professional

I recently received this wonderful message from a reader:

I saw the TLC show, "Strange Sex" featuring a segment with you and a lovely couple concerning genital piercings. I had never much considered body piercing; I have a few tattoos but the visible piercings would be a problem for work. (I would love to have a labret. So cute!)

Anyway, after the show I was so fascinated with the sexual enhancement aspect and having a super-secret piercing I was immediately all over your website and subsequently purchased your book. Also I very much appreciate it being available on all the major e-Reader platforms (sometimes Sony is left out, which is of course what I own)! After reading it I started researching piercers and found Kevin Jump at Piercology in Columbus, Ohio, whom I understand was a guest piercer at Rings of Desire. It was a two-hour drive, but TOTALLY worth it. I got my first piercing, a VCH, and am absolutely thrilled! I have "petite anatomy" as Kevin put it so unfortunately I wasn't suited for the triangle, which I thought I would enjoy, but so far I am loving what I've got! I am still healing but it looks perfect; I had a fantastic experience (and am sure to have many because of this!) and I just wanted to thank you because if not for your work I wouldn't have known anything about the world of body piercing.

As a medical professional, I admire the wealth of clinical knowledge shown in your book and your dedication to proper care. I hope to do my part to contribute to a wider acceptance of body piercing in the medical community, or at least as an acceptance of our patients' choices of expression and to its care. As a pharmacist I am often the first medical professional people see before they visit their physician, if they do that at all. I appreciate the straight-forward and medically appropriate care explained in your book, as they certainly don't teach much about that in school!

So, to you, Elayne, I extend a huge personal and professional thank you for excellence and commitment in your field. You would be an asset to any profession, including us stuffy medical types! THANKS!