All About the Q-Tip Test for Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercings

I received two photos from a woman who requested an appointment to receive a Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing from me during one of my guest piercing visits.

She sent me two photos, including one of the q-tip test:

questionable q-tip testHood tissue

I replied:

Did you do the q-tip test yourself? I know it is hard to do that and get a photo at the same time. My concern is that it appears you may have butted the swab up against the bottom of your hood, but not gotten it underneath. Usually, when the swab is under the hood, you can see it (the bulge of it) to some extent. In your case, I merely see a sort of fold at the bottom of the hood tissue, which may indicate the swab is just pushing up on the skin, but is not actually underneath the little one-ended tunnel of the hood.

My concern is also strengthened by the other photo in which it appears as there is not a whole lot of hood tissue present (in which case, the swab would show through if it were in the right spot).

Can I get you to try the q-tip test again and make certain the tip of the swab is up under the hood? You don't need to take a photo if you feel confident that you can get the swab under your hood and that the tip of it is indeed covered by your hood tissue.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

To help you, attached is a photo of a "surface hood piercing" that is incorrectly placed, with a swab in the right location, a photo marked with the "inverted V" of the hood, where the swab should go in, and one of a "q-tip test" with the swab way underneath where it should be, and it is marked with a red dot where the swab should enter the hood. I hope these prove helpful.

Surface Hood Piercing with Q-tip test:

Surface VCH with Q-tip Test

The "inverted v" of the hood marked:

Inverted 'V' of the Hood

Improperly done q-tip test with the proper spot for the swab marked with a red dot:

Incorrect q-tip test with dot marked

i want my hood pierced so badly. i tried to do the q tip test but i cant really see down there to know if i am doin it correctly. but i am actually scared i cant do it because my clitoris is very small. if i cant get my vertical hood done is it possible i could het my horizontal hood done? please respond, i will send a photo if necassary. thank you

is it true that heavier set women cant get the vch? i was told that by someone and dont know if i should believe it or not... please email me back thanks!

Well, if that was true, mine probably wouldn't have been so successful. I'm 21, 5'5" and in the 200-pound range, and my VCH is just fine. I've had it for two years so far. (:

i got a vch about two years ago and i had it in for about 9 months. afte 9 months, i had a small red bump where the piercing was. i had it before and just thought it was due to irritation and it would go away. about a week later the piercing fell out without me noticing and it closed quickly. the bump isnt red anymore but it is still there. can i get a vch again?

Hi there,

I can't evaulate you very well without seeing you in person, or at least a photo. You're welcome to use the contact button above to get in touch with me via email and can send photos if you like. It is probably best to be seen in person by a competent professional. My referrals list can be found by pressing the "Piercer Referral" navigation in the "MORE PAGES" sidebar in the right column.

Hi my name is Jordan and I have been thinking about getting my clitoral hood peirced and I'm not sure I have the right anatomy for the peircing an was wondering if you could tell me if I were to send a picture haha blut I know but Im curious. 

If you could get back to me that woul be great :)

My email again is [email protected]

Hi Jordan,

I sent you an email with instructions, but if you check back here: If you would like to have me evaluate your anatomy for suitability of piercings, use the Contact button above, and when you receive a reply you will have my email address and you are welcome to send photos for me to evaluate your anatomy.

I need to see photos as shown and explained on this page of my site: